Afraid Of Throwing Up .

My name is Janice and ive been afraid of throwing up since little, I rarely ever vomit, its been like 3 years since I haven't.. But if somebody were to throw up I get scared and shake and I cant hear vomiting noise or ill leave or cover my ears. I am just scared that I'll throw up. I dont want to ever again . Sometimes it goes away by not thinking about it but the fear always comes back.
cacaface81 cacaface81
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Hey Janice you are not alone. I am fifteen and I suffer the same thing as you do every day. I get what I call "episodes" all the time. They usually occur somewhere in public or when I am at school. I get a lump in my throat whenever I have some sort of stomach ache and have missed over 40 school days because I am either too scared to go to school or come home from school because I am all worked up over not feeling well. My hands get sweaty, I shake it is horrible and I must look so weird from people on the outside looking in. I now realize I am not alone and that their are others out their and that gives me a little more comfort. We can conquer this one day but just know you are not alone and maybe you can find some comfort in that already.