Not Myself, But Others...

Emetophobia can be fear of either yourself throwing up, or others. I'm honestly more afraid of others than myself, although both apply to me. It started probably about ten years ago (I'm eighteen now). I was eight or nine years old when I was playing a video game in my den with a friend, and he threw up, with no warning, all over the rug right next to me. I had been around vomit before without a major reaction, but for whatever reason, this time, I absolutely panicked. My stomach got twisted in knots, I felt like I was going to cry or pass out, and I think it was the beginnings of a panic attack. I ran downstairs to my mom, freaking out, and I couldn't even tell her what was wrong. Finally I calmed down, and it was all alright, but that day changed me... It began my vomit anxiety. Ever since then, I've been terrified to leave the house, for fear of the possibility of having to see puke. At school, or particularly on the rare occasion I can be forced to go to a fair or amusement park, I can't relax because of the constant worrying and watching for vomit. It's the same anxiety attack every time. Dizziness, faintness, stomachaches... It's hard to just get out of my room and go about normal life, because there's always that chance I'll have to be around it. I take that risk every day, and I just can't forget about it for a second. People think I'm being dramatic and such, and I have friends who will make vomit noises to try to get a reaction out of me, but they don't understand how badly it bothers me, and how much I fear it.
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Hi guys,
I wanted to type this, hopefully as an encouragement. I am emetophobic too, although I guess it is quite mild; I don't mind the sight of vomit and am fine being around a person who is being sick unless I think I might catch it. I am getting much better; this has been down to a number of things. I know what started my phobia. When I was younger and used to get stomach bugs, my mum used to absolutely freak out, especially if we were sick somewhere other than the toilet. This made me very anxious and also made me worry about reactions from other people if I happened to be ill. A few months ago I was researching emetophobia and read a support page on the Internet frm a lady in Canada who specialised in counselling people with this phobia. One thing she wrote has stuck with me and has really helped my fear: knowing the fact that being sick will not harm you. It struck such a chord with me; now if I ever do feel anxious, I just remember this and it helps to calm me down instantly. Also, the worst part of vomiting is the Pre anxiety. Sure,it's not nice, but the worst part is getting anxious beforehand. Your body knows and understands what is happening and how to cope. For your body, it is a case of do a, then b, then c and heal. For your mind, it's different. I still have anxious moments, but I'm getting better. Hope this helps. :)