Can Anyone Relate

Since my last story my medical and anxiety problems have worsened. I've been through a lot and have learned a lot. I finally caved in to the nausea and threw up(not fun). This basically confirmed my phobia and has made everything worse. Im wondering if anyone can relate to my problems. Basically anyone whose developed anxiety due to stomach or any other medical issues. Im 18 now and im desperately looking for alternatives to help fix my problems before i start college. I need advice and i can probably help you too. Feel free to message me. Thanks.
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My older brother is just like you. He has tried every medication under the sun and they all had a negative affect on him and made matters worse. Now he is off all of his meds and he is doing better than ever as far as coping goes. I'm here for ya if you need to talk. I know anxiety can be rough but since I am a psych major, maybe I can help?

I actually take medication if you want specifics let me know and I have been doing the Midwest centers attacking anxiety and depression and with both things combined it has helped a great deal, not perfect but I'm much improved with my anxiety due to emetophobia then I was a few months ago, let me know if you want more details!!

Yes please!
Inbox me with any advice or details on anything related to anxiety, depression, or emataphobia. Thank you so much! : )

Have you thought of taking medication for your anxiety?