i suffer with emetophobia! i am terrified of been sick! when i was 6 i had bad food poisoning, i believe this triggered my fear of sickness! i am a nurse at a hospital and have sometimes wanted to give up my career because of this phobia. it is taking over my life. This phobia is not easy to cope with! other phobias can be avoided but unfortunatley this cannot! i cant see me ever having a family as i wouldnt not be able to cope with the morning sickness, living with this fear will hold me back through out my life! i would love hep but im not sure who to turn too

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What part of the hospital do you work in? I came across your post in search of stories about emetophobics who have become nurses, or doctors despite their fear. Today, I just declared a major in nursing and I am a little nervous about what the future holds..

Hello, I'm so sorry you're suffering like this, you must be really struggling to get enjoyment out of life. I don't know if this will allay your fears or not but I got ms with my last pregnancy and although it's not pleasant, it's definitely not nearly as frightening as a pregnant v. With regards to your child getting sick, it is hard but only happens occasionally and children of Emet mums, even less! stick to one baby and you're in control. I've four (three at different schools) and my life is so far out of control! Please trust me though, alrhough if I had my time again I DEFINITELY wouldn't have four I DEFINITELY would have one. My youngest is three and the next is seven and so I'm kind of in the middle of my own nightmare as they can catch stuff off each other and then I've a husband whose personally hygiene is shocking but that's another story! I hope you're having an easier day today. If you need to talk, I'm here. Donna x

I know how you feel I would of loved to be a nurse but I knew I couldn't because of my phobia I recently just had a child and was lucky didn't get an once of morning sickness but when my child vomits or gets any sort of tummy bug it's the worst.