Attention All!!! Medical Question Please Help!!!!

So I suffer severe anxiety due to my emetophobia as I'm sure others of u do as well, I went to the Dr. On Thursday because my anxiety/ emetophobia is out of control worse then ever, I have multiple anxiety attacks a day and can't even eat nemore, the Dr prescribed me a anxiety Med but the #1 side effect is nausea and vomiting so obviously I haven't taken it and don't want to, my question for u all is r any of u on anxiety meds? And if so what and how have the effects been and has it helped at all, all input is appreciated!
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Anxiety and myself are great longtime friends, they have put me on xanax as needed basis, I don't really ever take it and they wanted to put me on lorazepam, but I don't take that either.

If I keep myself busy it's easier to control the anxiety, but I have these flare ups if I don't feel well or feel a pain somewhere that's not normally there, that can take awhile to get over.

Exercise and better diet has helped the most though.

See I'm on alprazolam (xanex) now 0.5 mg bid - tid and I need to get off of it because most dr's don't wanna prescribe it anymore because it is highly addictive and I've been on it for 2 years, I think I'm gonna talk to my Dr tomorrow and see about weening off of it without starting a different Med, I don't wanna b dependent on meds anymore!!

I take lexepro