Always Worried.

So I also suffer from emetophobia, I have suffered this my whole life that I remember. Back when I was younger I remember when ever someone was sick, vomiting or gagging I would run to my room blocking my ears and wouldn't be able to listen to anything. Now I have grown up and had my own child it seems to be a lot worse whenever he gets sick I worry so much I end up being sick with something, I Google everything and I can't be anywhere near him I feel useless and like I want to give up on being a parent. But I love him Skype much and seeing him cry makes me so upset. I just feel like there's no one to talk and I feel like an idiot because I didn't even know this phobia existed..
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Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. It makes me feel like I've failed. I often wonder if I should just let their Dad bring them up because I am worried I'll damage their little minds with my fear. When One is sick, it takes all my effort not to just leave the house and stay ANYWHERE else but they would not cope without me there. I'm so sorry you have this parylising fear in your life, I wish you vomit free parenting from here on in! Hope you sleep well tonight. Here if you need to <br />
talk. Donna xx

So how did u get thru pregnancy? No vomiting? I want kids so much someday and my mom tells me that when my child is sick my mom instinct will overide my emetophobia, but now reading all these story's its not sounding like it, so do u just have to get away from him when he vomits? Who takes care of him? How do u handle it??