Im Emetiphobic

So ive been struggling with this fear for longer then i.can remember. I have full blown panic attacks because of this fear and i struggle with anxiety and i think depression never been diagnose. When i was 12 i stopped eating because my mom had the flu and it scared me, i went without eating for 3months and lost over 40 lbs i was down to 85lbs and was about to be hospitalized. Noone understood my condition. To this day everyone thinks im crazy. Im about to be 18 and this fear consumes my life anyone out there like me with advice? Nothing seems to help (sorry for the spelling mostly in text talk)
romolaura romolaura
2 Responses Feb 19, 2013

Hi, I.m Donna and firstly, I'm sorry that you're suffering this nasty phobia, you're right, it does consume your life! I have only really become seriously affected by it in the last year but it seems to get worse not better! I wish I could say that theres a magic bullet but the best I can offer you is support. I do know that being here and checking in, reading peoples stories (even those unrelated to our phobia) and reaching out to both comfort and seek comfort, really does help. Please post on my white board if you need to talk. In the mean time, I'm sending lots of anti sick vibes your way! You're not alone sweetie! X

hello romolaura I´m a new user in here and I´m in 8th grade in a Colombian School , I´m having a project about podcasts ( my theme are the phobias ) So for acomplishing it I have to make some interviews, I would completely understand if you don´t feel comfortable talking about this problem, but I would really appreciate If we could have an interview ( via emmail ), thank you