How Did This Happen?

wow, I never knew that having a fear of vomit had a name? I'm 28 yrs old and I had this fear since I was a child. I guess some cases differ from person to person. One thing I don't understand is that when I was younger I use to throw up all the time and it never bothered me.I also wouldn't let anyone clean up my mess.Couldn't tell you what triggered this"emetophobia"but it is truly embarrasing and a inconvience in my life. I want to work in the medical feild and still do but I can't shake this phobia.You know what else, I want to take care of people when they are sick but I can't.I feel horrible. When I get the stomach flu I just get real bad diarrea,when I gave the bug to my boyfriend he puked for 2 days and I left him at our place by himself because he was throwing up and I couldn't be around him.I felt so bad and he didnt understand why I couldn't take care of him.I can't watch someone throw up, smell it or do it. I panic, put my hands over my ears, tremble and run as far away as possible. It's sooo rediculous for someone to watch me react that way.The crazy thing is that I have no fear of eating out, I do drink myself, and I go out to clubs and parties all the time, but watch out for the potential pukers or the one person that looks like they had way to much to drink and stay away from them and that's including my friends.I don't like flu season I get the creeps and if you have had the flu please stay away from me. I'm also affraid of becomming pregnant and having morning sickness. If so many people have emetophobia, why isn't there any"effective" treatment? I don't this phobia to control my life. What should I do to control the panic when someone says they are going to throw up and i can't get away from them? I get so scared to the point that I want to cry and I'm getting to old to react like that.Any sugestions?

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I also have it. It's on my mind everyday, I check the use bys on EVERYTHING and I go to bed in fear.

apparently this fear is the 5th most common
Its so disheartening to hear all these stories of suffering. Im the kid that never really threw up, have only on a few occassions gotten sick from booze but usually end up with anxiety and a hang over instead. Im just so over it to the point where im starting to either cry or get really really angry. Everything is controlled by this crap and I just want it to stop.

You are NOT too old to react this way. Phobias don't care about age.

im 18 and have lost close to 20lbs from not eating in fear of throwing it back up... i was only 120 to begin with. im embarassed and i feel like i disappoint everyone around me. but as selfish as i sound, im kinda glad you guys have it too cause i don't feel so alone. :/

Yeah I feel so good I am not alone in this. This is such a big fear shockingly! You aren't a horrible person and u shouldn't feel bad. Everybody has thier Kryptonite, ours is vomiting. Maybe there will be a groundbreaking cure for this terrible disposition and we can be FREE!!

Omg I know exactly how you feel. I am 17 years old and I have had is fear for 8 years and it has been so miserable. I myself have not found anything to help

I can't beileve this has a name! I thought that i was the only one with this problem, feel like a freak. I have a 10 month old who has come down with the stomach bug, i couldn't take care of him, i left that up to my husband. Then 2 days later he got it and i was so afraid i went to stay with my parents. When my husband got sick i did the same thing as you, held my hands over my ears, shook and just be so scared i cried. I haven't eatten dinner for fear that i might get sick that night, and i constantly worry about throwing up. I fear going out in public when i here there is a break out of the stomach bug and absolutley hate the fall and winter months,knowing its throw up season. Nobody understands when i get like this. i try to explain it to them but they just don't get it. I'm so ashamed of myself to let this thing rule my life but i can't stop obsessing about it. Its nice to know i'm not alone in this fear,but i'm sorry there are other people who have this.

i understand you completly i feel like im too old for this im 29 and ive been this way as long as i can remember i used to work in a nightclub and that was just tramatizing i feel like im going to die my heart pounds so intensly but im with you i cant stay around anyone who is sick i left my boyfriend in the car by himself sick and i called a cab to get home just cant handle it