Hello everyone,
I do believe everything happens for a reason but why did this curse come to me? I feel better when I know I'm not alone so someone please help me! I am 15 years old and I suffer from not only emetophobia but anxiety. I can't take this anymore, I have to go back to school soon and I'm so stressed out about getting sick. I feel sick 24/7 and I have to be near the bathroom at all times which brings me to my next issue, at school we now have hall passes which now means no bathroom which makes me more sick. I have managed to make it through my freshmen year but grade 10 to 12? How is this possible. Please let me know how you deal with it or help it anything please!!!!! I'm going crazy, I barley eat anymore in fear of getting sick, I have this lump feeling in my throat at all times now because of my anxiety like does anyone have the same problem? I have to have nausea medicine with me at all times and that does make me feel better but the lump doesn't help at all, we don't have the money at the moment for the help I need so it sucks and I need some help. School is awful I hate being sick all the time HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭
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You're situation is almost exactly like mine...one thing is eating actually is good...you need energy to keep your immune system working...I eat a low fodmap diet which is no gluten, dairy, fats, or sugar. It helps sometimes

Yeah it got worse but now it's getting better, I can eat great now and thanks for the advice!! I still have the lump it my throat but it's not as bad at all and it's manageable thank god 🙌

That's awesome :)

I know this is late but I'm in grade 10 and I have the exact same experiences, mine started when I was in grade 3 and it went away for a bit and now it came back I feel sick all the time but I haven't been sick in years, my parents and friends think I'm crazy and I'm constantly scared I would rather die then be sick I have anxiety attacks more than once a day and I'm so over this

Your story is almost exactly like mine....it sucks I know but I'm seeing a therapist, and if you're not you might want to look into it, its helpful

Awwee girl 😭 I know the feeling, I'm guessing by your name you like swimming? I'm actually a lifeguard and if get a lot of attacks at work as well.. Kinda sucks, stay strong it will get better eventually, mines getting a little better but still just as bad, message me anytime 😊

Thank you, it's so reassuring when other people understand me

Ohh man I know the feeling

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Hi. I am 12 with this problem. I am scared for school to because I'm afraid I will get sick. Plus I'm starting a new school. I will list things that may help you.

.chewing gum
.stress ball or you can use a pillow
.if you can, download "the worry box" on your device using the app store(it's free)
.think to your self "is this important to worry about this?"
If not then why should u worry about it?(I know easier said the done)
.your not alone
.if your a Christian,pray to God
.showers and baths calms people
. Have some time set aside from the day to relax it will help u be less stressed. I hope I helped and I understand you. If you want to talk about it I'm on Facebook (baleigh vanne)

Thanks girl this really means a lot 😘 hope your emtaphobia clears up too

I have emetophobia to
Im 15 and have had it for the past 3 years ish I had it 8 years ago to but less severe and it went away but something triggered it to come back and I don't know why.

I don't go to school and in the uk and in Birmingham we have something called james brindley school and they send tutors to my house.

I also get a lump in my throat but I carry mints and sucking one of those helps I worry if someone coughs, feels sick, is sick or if I feel funny I ask if im pink all the time cus if your pink u probably not going to be sick.

ive lost practically all my friends because I only going places ive gone to lots before I do eat out but only at about 5 places.

I haven't been sick for 8 years and my fears are totally irrational but I cant stop them.

Im sorry I haven't helped but im always here to talk to cus I feel lonely and feel like I have no one to talk to cus no one understand.

ps im going on holiday on Friday to somewhere none of my family have been before and im very scared.

Wow, I mean I'm not glad you have this but I'm glad there is someone fighting it with me! It seems pretty bad with you too, I as well have just started sucking on mints and your right they do help thank you!! You don't know how much this means to me, we are the same age which is amazing to see! I've had emtophobia for as long as I could remember and this lump in the throat is just occurring due to the fact that I just had the flu and it scared to so much. You can message me anytime I probably won't be much help but if your anything like me it's great to see im not alone