I Cant Deal With This Fear Anymore

I have been afraid of throwing up since I could remember, but it never really affected my life until i was 17, I have no idea why - I havent thrown up since I was 13 & I'm 20 now. So why did it affect me at 17 hardcore? I didnt experience anything to make it so crazy, but since that moment, I have not stopped thinking about it. Everytime I feel sick, I literally have an anxiety/panic attack. Its not like how some people explain their attacks where they feel "anxious" and get frustrated. I'm talking, I shake, I sweat, I get the chills, My mouth gets dry, my heart literally POUNDS out of my chest, I pray constantly, I tell everyone to pray for me too, I drink little sips water & chew gum (it actually helps), but all I revolve my life around is thinking "what if I get sick?" etc. If someone throws up from being drunk, it bothers me- BUT it doesnt bother me as much just because I know its not contagious. But if someone tells me they feel like their going to throw up or they did because their sick, the moment I hear that, I start to feel sick myself. Even though I know that I'm not & everyone tells me I'm fine, I cant get it through my head. I cant sleep at night because thats all that goes through my head, so therefore I'm now an insomniac. I dont sleep until my eyes are rolling in the back of my head. I cant eat meat or things that can have food poisoning in restaurants. I over cook my meat to the point that it tastes like rubber, I check experation dates on EVERYTHING, I dont take medicine because I'm afraid of side affects. I get the worst cramps when I'm on my period, but I dont like taking anything. I know that there is nothing physically wrong with me, but I ALWAYS feel sick, but I know its all in my head. Emetephobia has taken over not only MY life, but everyones life around me because I'm always bothering people about it & its gotten to the point where I cant even go out of my house, or hug relatives or ANYTHING for that matter. It has turned me into an insomniac, its given me panic attacks & anxiety hardcore 24/7, it makes me get disturbing thoughts in my head, it stresses me out, it gives me OCD (for example: if i dont knock on wood, I might throw up so i better knock) ITS CRAZY. I am literally going insane & i definetly cant live my life like this anymore. I need to find help, as much as EVERYONE tells me "its all in your head", I cant accept the fact that its just my mind playing games with me But I constantly feel sick, think about being sick & worry.. I cry about it all the time & reading other peoples stories about it make me cry too just knowing someone else is out there suffering just as badly as me. I dont understand how something so small can affect my life so largely and I havent even done it in years!! HELP ME BEFORE I GO INSANE, lol. ;]

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Hi Trixie, I realize this is an old post.... I suffer from the same thing. Have you found any comfort since this post?

I think you should work on distracting yourself. Im 14 and I go through phases. This is only a phase. Once you start to calm down work on keeping that calm. I use to have this thing where I thought people only vomit in flu season. My brother vomited in April and it terrified me. But now im better. Let yourself have nausea attacks and see how many times nothing happens. Im pratically over it. I saw a boy vomiting in a trashcan but it didnt kill me like it use to. Youll be fine. Also dont give up. All youll do is see someone voit and feel ten times worse.

This absolutely shreds my heart to pieces to read that other people have to suffer from something like this too. I am so, so, sorry for anyone else who has to deal with this. I am 21 and this phobia has been with me ever since I contracted a stomach virus when I was in third grade, so about seven or eight years old. I was violently ill and I remember getting a huge shot in my leg at the doctors office the second day that made me stop vomiting and put me to sleep finally (it was a Zofran shot). I hadn't gotten sick (to my stomach at least) since then until I got food poisoning a week before my 21st birthday. Ever since then, I've been an anxious, nauseated, germ-obsessed, OCD mess. My boyfriend probably thinks I am crazy, and my mom thinks I'm anorexic, which I guess I might as well be since I probably eat less than 1,000 calories a day. I spray everything with Lysol and I wipe everything down with bleach, alcohol, lysol wipes, anything that will kill germs. I've done a lot of research in the past few months about food borne illness, stomach bugs, etc. If I can do anything to help those who have the same issue I do, I guess I'll just post the tips I have read:
- for adults: each morning on an empty stomach, drink 1/3 cup of 100% grape juice with 3 tsp. of 100% raw, organic, apple cider vinegar. Apparently, this creates an alkaline state in your body, and the good news about that is that the stomach virus thrives in an acidic state. So this changes the pH levels and is good for preventative use.
- take a probiotic daily. It adds good things to your stomach that help ward off and prevent any icky stuff like viruses.
- keep some activated charcoal on hand. you can find this at a vitamin shop or Earth Fare, if you have one where you live. don't take it everyday, because it absorbs the good stuff too. but if you find that you have come in contact with a stomach bug and start feeling weird, or before you start feeling anything, you can take activated charcoal, and apparently it will absorb those bad bugs.
- take vitamin c, a garlic supplement or raw garlic cloves. also i talked to a woman today that said something about elderberry and something about mushrooms that are good for prevention so I will go talk to her tomorrow.
- if you can, have your doctor prescribe you some zofran melt away tablets to keep on hand. i don't like to depend on drugs of any sort, but this is where my OCD really comes in. if I get so anxious that i feel like i am going to get sick, or if i convince myself that i'm sick somehow even though i am sure i'm not, I'll take one 8mg tablet of zofran and it helps a lot and I don't get sick. this will constipate you though so be careful because at my doctor's appointment they had to do an x-ray on my stomach and i was full of stool probably due to taking so much zofran.
- there are other vitamins you can take to boost your immune system but the top three things I've heard are the apple cider vinegar, grape juice, and probiotics.
- Also, i don't know everyone's religious views on here, but I find a lot of comfort in waking up every morning and reading scripture and praying and giving thanks for the health I DO have and asking for guidance and strength to overcome any stomach issues. God hears our prayers and knows our fears. I will be keeping every single person with this phobia in my prayers as well as your health and happiness and well-being. I know how awful this is, but I hope that one day it won't be so bad anymore.

I totally see where you come from. I've had bad anxiety for about 4 months now and it has made life so hard. Everyday I have awful panic attacks at school and get shaky, nauseated, the chills, and an upset stomach. It gets in my mind that I'm going to be sick or puke. I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but this happens everyday to me, at school or not. I don't know what has triggered my anxiety, but since then, the panic attacks have me feeling awful. I always feel like I'm gonna puke, and even though I know it's all just in my head, it all feels so real. Anyone know how to calm myself during these attacks? Thanks so much.

Hey, I know I'm a little late to reply, but I have anxiety often at school as well. It started two years ago in September. I had had anxiety problems all my life but they had subsided since I moved. Anyway, like I said it's been 2 years now, but I have had issues with anxiety as long as I can remember. I have gone to see a therapist and everything but nothing helped. So enough of me rambling, what's important is you find a place you can go when you have anxiety problems, tell your best friends so they can help you, tell your teachers, maybe see a doctor but he will probably just put you on pills, remember you aren't alone, think hard about something, anything wether it be a girl(or guy) you like, a game you love, your favorite song, I personally stare at my hand and try to raise its temperature(it's possible to raise the tempurature of only one body part). Unfortunately that's all I know, just remember there are people like you( I'm one of those people), and you are never alone. Well, sorry about my nonsense I hope something I said will help. :)

l've had this phobia for the whole of my life, but it's only really been affecting my life to the point where I can't function for 2 years. I am now 17 and still haven't got over this phobia. I get less than 4 hours of sleep because of this fear now, I can barely eat which causes me to feel dizzy all the time (this doesn't help as I also suffer from hypochondria aka health anxiety). I've been in CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service) for my anxieties and I have been on sertraline for it, and I've tried so many medicines for nausea which haven't worked. I'm currently on ranitidine which I'm hoping will help, and I am being referred to CAMHS for the second time because of it.

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I'm 15 and since I was 11 I have this horrible sensations (although I think that it started a long time before). When I was younger it was worse. I couldn't eat well, go to restaurants, eat meals in any other place but home, see characters vomiting on TV or even listen the word "vomit" without being anxiety.Comparing to this time, now I can have a better control of my anxiety and panic attacks because this fear. I mean, I still have sometimes, and it still horrible, but now I can feel more free to do things that I couldn't in the past.I don't know what I have done to make some things easier. Maybe sessions with the psychologist, or being exposed to some scenes in TV with more frequency (I've read that the exposing therapy is a manner of treatment), or even positive thinking and attempts to control my thoughts. All that I know is that this fear, despite causing suffering, can be relieved in some ways - if you be persistent and try with all your strength. I know sometimes it seems impossible, but if you can't deal with this alone, ask for help! There so many people that feel that way too and are disposed to help.Well... That's it, I guess.P.S.: Sorry for possibles mistakes in the writing, english is not my native language.

I have this very badly as well. I would explain everything about my Emetophobia, but you've basically said it all. I deal with everything from the panic attacks to the OCD. The only thing we don't have in common is our age. I am much younger...only 13 and I've had it since the first grade. Like you, I haven't gotten sick in years. People tell me I'm fine and I think in my heart I know I'm fine. I look at it as two voices in my head, in a constant fight. One side is telling me the truth. The truth side says, "Oh! You haven't eaten that much today so you're probably hungry! Everything's okay! You're not sick!"...But then there's the lies side (or, as I like to call it, the devil side). The devil side says, "No. You already ate something, so your stomach shouldn't feel like this." Then it's almost like the devil side tries to look for "edvidence" that you ARE going to get sick. Like, it says, "Wait it feels like how it did the last time you got sick!" It's like it tries to look for symptoms that you are sick by referring back to times you or others have been sick. Right now I've been dealing with really bad depression. I have zero hope that anything is going to get better. I just want to live a worry free and happy life. Is that so much to ask for? :(

I hope you get better soon and move on with your life as a happy, positive, and kind individual. Put your trust in the Lord and everything will be okay. :) You have my prayers.

I know exactly how you feel. I have emetophobia too. It started when I was 4 years old. My sister threw up all over me in the car and I just looked down at the vomit and started crying and screaming. I also had a really bad experience with the stomach flu at age 7 and had to go to the hospital for intense vomiting and severe dehydration. Those two incidents have made me terrified of vomiting. I get anxious when I hear someone is sick and feel the need to wash my hands a lot. I also avoid drinking alcohol, riding a lot of amusement park rides, going on cruises and I refused to take the prescription drugs I got when I had my wisdom teeth out. I also check expiration dates on food a lot more than I need to. The thing that helps me is to distract myself and get those thoughts out of my head. I know it's hard but find a hobby and do something you enjoy. The less you think about vomiting, the less anxious you will feel.

I'm 24 now and I've been dealing with social anxiety/emetophobia since I was about 6 years old. As someone who dealt with depression on top of all of the other anxiety I can honestly say that the best thing that has helped me is a combination of medication (I take Paxil which is in the same category as Lexapro and have never had a bad side-effect because of it) and CBT anxiety therapy. The experience that triggered my phobia involved being in public (I was in a supermarket) and years later I can now proudly say I have little to no problems even in the face of a trigger. My life isn't perfect, but my fear and anxiety is now quite manageable.

Here are some tips that I have learned over the years that have helped me deal with my mental illness:

1. Remember that even if you're sick, at the end of the day you are in complete control of your actions. The scariest thing for me about being sick to my stomach is not being able to control my body, so I often remind myself that I am an adult and that I can basically do whatever I want when it comes to handling my mental illness. Ultimately, I am in charge, and if I have to go to the bathroom for a few minutes or someplace equally quiet to collect myself, then I shouldn't feel pressured by others not to.

2. Try taking up meditation. I know this sounds super cheesy, but I'm sure everyone would be much better off if they took some time out of their schedule everyday to find a zen place free of anxiety.

3. Focus on your breathing. Your body will automatically shift from a nervous fight or flight response to a calmer parasympathetic one if you take a couple of deep breathes (count to 3/4 on your inhale, and then to 3/4 again on your exhale).

4. If it gets really bad take a moment to wash or submerge your face in some water. This also triggers a response in your body that will naturally calm your nervous system down. I've found that relaxing baths are, personally, a great way to burn off anxious energy and find your inner calm.

5. Remember that this is just a feeling, and that even if you are sick it'll usually last mere moments. Even stomach viruses only last about 2 days at most, so remember that you WILL get better and be able to look back on this particular moment as nothing but a fleeting moment where you briefly experienced something bad.

6. Now this is the hardest one mentally to do...but basically, try a little bit of emersion therapy. Face your fear head on -- but start REALLY small. Don't flood yourself on your first try. If merely saying the word "vomit" is scary and triggering for you, practice saying it over and over until the word looks weird/means nothing anymore, etc. Make a goal sheet and work your way up until you can talk about being sick without feeling as much anxiety or fear.

Just remember that your anxiety does not define you!

I am 18 years old, I had food poisoning about 5 or 6 months ago and ever since then I've had the feeling like I'm gonna be sick, I've always been afraid of being suck but never actually had the feeling until I had food poisoning, I can't sleep at night because that's when it's at its worst and i sometimes have to wake up my mom and here her say I'm gonna be okay just to calm me down, I sometimes shake uncontrollably because I'm freaking out so much, I use to go out every night and drink and smoke weed with my friends but now I'm afraid to leave my room, my friends are always asking me why I never come out anymore and I just tell them I'm to lazy, this is honestly taking over my life and it needs to stop now I don't want this feeling to last 20 years like some people I've read about, so people say I just need to throw up to see its not that bad but there's gotta be a better way, I'm happy to see that I'm not alone with this problem but also am sad to see that so many people are suffering this is honestly so stupid

I think I have a fear of vomiting.
I hadn't been sick in 6 years until January. I remember EVERYTHING about that day and every single thought that was going through my head.
You know when you are sick and you feel a certain way before it actually happens? e.g. like you have bad pains, you're tired, or full. Well up until I actually felt vomit rising I didn't have any clue that I was going to throw up, which makes me think... It could happen to me any second and that scares the hell out of me. I've never been so anxious in my life.
I was sick around dinner time so now EVERY single day, same time, I suddenly lose my appetite due to anxiety ... then that makes me even MORE anxious cause I'm like "Either I'm not hungry cause of anxiety or not hungry cause I'm gonna throw up". I have to go through the same painful cycle every day. day after day. I haven't gone through a single day without thinking "I could vomit today" since January.
I'm just scared of not knowing! Like... waiting for the day I am sick again and it terrifies me that I won't know when that day will be. what will it be like for me? Will I know I am going to throw up and have to wait like 4 hours before it happens?
I'm becoming dangerously skinny because 1.) my anxiety makes me lose my appetite ALL the time 2.) I'm scared that if I eat too much and I am ill, it will take longer to get out of my system 3.) I could eat something that makes me sick or feel sick.
This constant anxiety makes me feel sick aswell, and how HARD is it to get rid of anxiety of vomit? It's like a circle.... I think of getting sick, I get anxious, I feel sick, I get anxious because I feel sick, it doesn't stop.

Does anyone have any tips? techniques?! It's ruining my life!!

I want help too I've been dealing with it since i was about 6 I'm now turning 19 in a month trying to get my life together but it controls me so much I feel like i can't live my life and I make the people I love go insane. I'm to embarrassed to talk about it in therapy so I never get help.I've developed an eating disorder from it, ocd about everything my mind tells me I have to do stuff a certain way to prevent it from happening. Sometimes I listen and it feels so good but most of the time it controls every move I take. I just bother my mom with it but now its ruining her life too. It got worse with in the past 3 years. I go through days where I don't want to eat anything or get up off the couch or bed. I leave work early and school. I started taking meds that made me to high to care about my constant fear, but even taking the meds took me a long time cause I'm scared of the side effects. Now that I was forced off the meds I'm scared to deal with it. This website made me feel so much better though I now know i'm not alone thank you guys for opening up. I know how hard it is.

I've had it since I was 7 and I went on a road trip and I threw up... I was so terrified to eat that my mama would say she would feed me threw rubes. It was when I came back when my fear got worst but I would always ask my mom " hey mom will I throw up if my stomach hurts?" And she would respond with no. But I would ask her so many question every night that she bought a tape recorder and taped her voice saying " you won't get sick sweetie" she told me to play it every night. My mom then got cancer and the chemo would make her sick when I was 11 she would be so sick and I would be scared and my dad would be with her in the bathroom while I blocked my ears so much I would make my ears bleed. It was then when I was twelve and I threw up cuz I ate sausage and ever since I would stay up at night until I was starving and only then I would go to sleep. I would lie down because I would be scared to have a an indigestion and I would stay up till around 5 until I was sure I was hungry. It is always on my mind and I'm ashamed to tell my friends because they might think of me differently. I never eat anything fried because I'm scared of getting sick. It's so bad that i lost 30 pounds Cuz of it. Sometimes I get panic attacks where I feel like I'm going to vomit so I go insane doing the craziest things to try and distract myself. I'm so scared to get sick and I need someone just like me so I can talk to you just send me a message so we can talk... I'm slowly getting threw this but I need someone just like me....

I am exactly like you. I never found people that suffered the same phobia as me. I know exactly how you feel. If you need anyone to talk to id be glad to help

Can you please talk to me

Yes of course.

People, I believe I used to kind of have this, like 4 years ago. I remmember hating going and eating out with friends because I could never finish my food (even if I knew I loved it, cuz I do love food), and I used to get all those sintoms because I was afraid of vomiting in public. I remmember feeling my face getting ice cold, my vision got yellowish and fading like what you feel when you're going to pass out, and sometimes, even burping and almost puking in front of them.

I believe I overcomed this, when I started to eat out in different places with my friends EVERY DAY of the week, for two-three years druing high-school. Trust me, half year in, the only thing I would think about was devouring this delicious food in front of me as fast as possible while it's still hot. And so it went. I really got to enjoy the food instead of ''force feeding'' myself and wasting the money. I think only 'practice' will take any kind of anxiety away. We just gotta be brave and willing to do it. It's such a stupid 'fear'.

I do still have a bit of this only when I drink alcohol in very public/social occasions, it caused me to actually puke like 3-4 times, but I always managed to get away from people before puking my guts of loool.


I am exactly like you. My mom and brother are sick of answering these same questions every night. Will a stomach ache make me throw up? If I have a headache will I throw up? If I feel nauseas does that mean I'll get sick?? The questions are endless. And by being anxious, it makes me feel sick even when I'm not. I can't seem to tackle this fear but it's taking over my life!

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I have the same problem and honestly reading all your comments just gets me more anxious. everyone says it's just in your head and it really is just in your head. Try to think about other things, listen to music. Hope all of you overcome your fear.

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I'm going through the exact same thing ... I'm only 16 and I can't handle the anxiety from it , I can't help feeling it only gets worse

We are twins, I have EXACTLY the same symptoms as you, I feel like I'm going crazy, and have been dealing with it since a child. I am now 40.

Oh my goodness girly you sound JUST like me. I know this post is a little dates but if you check it and your still out there please know your not alone!!! I hate my life most days bc of this terrible fear. I drive my family crazy with it. I try to ignore it but I can't. It consumes my every thought. I'm solider able everyday and the worst part is I cannot eat!! I try so hard but I'm so scared I'll just throw up if I put anything in my stomach. Have you found solice yet??!!

People think I'm a laid back idiot :( I didn't create this account though, my brother did :( i suffer very badly from emetophobia - I'll give some tips for you emetophobia out there
- eat dry crackers, drink water, or chew gum.
- DONT ask if your going to get sick no matter what, it just feeds the worry but we want to starve it.
- get distracted and sing and dance with besties or family- or if your alone put on your fave movie or crank up the lone PARTAY!
- fall asleep, I sleep through stress serriously
- have a nice long shower!!!! no don't get out because you may throw up
- tell yourself, I'm GOING to be okay, serriously, what's gonna happen if I throw up ANYWAYZ?
- tell yourself a joke

Omg every single thing you said and I mean everything I do the same thing. I haven't thrown up since I was in the 6th grade and I am almost 20 years old. I'm always worrying if I'm gonna get sick and throw up and if I know someone else is sick I freak out and I get worried that I'm gonna get it. Also if someone was to throw up in front of me I would literally freak out and run. Idk what to do and I know I need to get the help because I'm a mother and I know at some point my son is going to end up throwing up and I'm going to have to take care of him. It's just nice seeing that I'm not the only one going through this and that I'm not weird.

Although I feel completely alone, I kno that there are ppl that are like me. It's crazy. I wish this didn't exist.

My fear of the big V started when I was around 3-4. My dad was a single father, mom, never in the picture. So it was him and I 24/7, which I loved he's the best! But every night before he tucked me into bed I would ask "am I gonna throw up tonight dada?" Then he would ask me what I had to eat that day, and I would tell him. He always said no you'll be fine boogie. But as a kid I would wake in the middle of the night sick and V in the bed because I couldn't make it in the bathroom. I would cry and cry because the pain of V would make me feel like I couldn't breathe. I remember being in elementary school and one of my class mates would be out sick, and I'd PRAY they wouldn't come to school the next day either, just to ensure they had an extra day to become "uninfected". But sure enough there they would be the next day at school and I would do everything in my power not to get near them, touch what they've touched walked behind them ANYTHING. I am so panicked that it is already November. Flu season is about to sky rocket. I HATE this time of year, I constantly think everything is infested with the v flu germ. If I am near someone who looks tired or something I will go out of my way to avoid any contact with them. It is so embarrassing to have this phobia, I am even embarrassed to talk to my therapist about it. I know it's my mind playing with me but I just don't know how to change my mind to think differently. I cannot live like this anymore I hate this. I can't even enjoy the winter time because v bug is all I think about. If I feel the slightest off I cry and cry and when I do it releases some of the pressure of the anxiety and actually makes me feel "normal". I don't know what to do with myself. I don't want to live like this anymore, it's terrible. But I'm glad to know I am not alone in this struggle.

I am only 12 and I have been afraid of being ill so much. I cant even remember when I wasnt. Right now, writing this I feel sick, I know I am not but I still feel sick, I keep gurgling in my throat which I know is normal and my belly is gurgling which I know is because its hungry. I drive my family insane, I was bad until I went to a doctor session and it helped me SO MUCH NO JOKE. I thought I would be ok from then on so I stopped my appointments with him, worst decision ever. My life is constantly feeling sick. I hardly eat I will always inspect my food ie chicken when put infront of me and if its not completely white I will throw it away even though chicken can be a bit pink. Now I am crying because I can't get to sleep because its my bithday tomorrow and I feel ill because I am excited and my belly is gurgling like crazy and I think its because I am ill. I want to die I would rather die than be sick tbh. But I cant because of my mum and dad. I hate life so much. Its taking over my life. I dont even cry when I am sick so I dont know why im like this x. Please help me. Please. Praying for all of you.

OMG , all of you keep telling my story over and over again. I had bad childhood experiences with throwing up and I am now 43 and its worse than ever. I use disinfecting wipes to clean every single thing on my desk every morning when I get to work, I do it again after I get back from lunch. If I even start to feel like I may throw up, I start downing alka seltzer. If someone has the flu or even says they feel sick, I leave work, go home and start disinfecting everything and then I do the dreaded waiting thing, waiting to see if I am going to catch it. I will go days and days without eating if I think I have been exposed to any germs. I over cook all my meats to ensure no bacteria lingers. I wash my hands at least 10 times a day or more, they are so raw all the time. Its a horrible way to live. I wont fly as the turbulance makes your stomach go nuts, I wont go on rides at parks for the same reason. It has destroyed my life. I have lost jobs over this. I hope someday they come up with something to help us. Your all in my prayers, I hope someday we can all find a way to live like normal people.

It's amazing to me that there are so many of us suffering from this and where is the help? the cure? There has to be one!! I am 42 and live with this every day of my life but its worse during "flu" season. In the summer I'm a different person. There has to be help out there but where is it??????

This is literally my life. I'm 15 and I've had this god forsaken phobia for as long as I can remember. it's always effected my life. I cant eat out, ill only eat food my mother has prepared and don't even get me started with the stomach flu. Every time I hear or read the word "stomach" I get chills. I feel so alone with this phobia l because know one I know has it. But I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy! It hell! I go everyday thinking "am I going to throw up today?" "Should I eat this?" "Is that person sick?" Its awful. Ive lost ten pounds in 2 months (which is not normal for my age) because I wouldnt eat anything but salad. But recently where I live, theres been an outbreak of food poisoning in lettuce. OF ALL THINGS IT HAS TO BE LETTUCE. I constantly think about scenarios of people throwing up an I freak out. I have an anxiety attack whenever I feel nauseous as well! Some days I just wont eat because I think "if I dont eat, I cant throw up" its awful. This phobia is like being afraid of your self. And being scared to eat. Its taken a toll an my mental and physical health and its awful! I need help!

I started balling my eyes out in the middle of this, My heart aches just thinking that other people out there suffer as badly as I do. You basically explained my life as well, except, I cant go out in public to eat, Sometimes I don't eat for weeks because im afraid my food will get caught in my throat and my only resource is to throw it up. Im so anxious to go anywhere, emeto kicks in and then anxiety and then OCD and im pretty much a wreck at that point. Its awful, I sit and cry all night sometimes, I used to be suicidal over this, but I've changed my thoughts and my ways, I still don't know If my life will ever change or if ill be stuck like this forever, which terrifies me to the extreme! Like you said, everyone says its "all in our heads" but in our minds.. ITS NOT!, Its real and its there like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off any minute but your not sure when and the suspense just gets worse and worse till you panic so badly you black out and wake up in the hospital. Its a horrid life to live... it really is. In fact I hate it! If I didn't have my mom to live for... I would of killed myself a long time go. But I know that isn't the right way to do it.. but sometimes its all I can think about. Which ends up also sending me into a panic attack. Im in the middle of an emeto/anxiety attack right now, im trying to find alternatives to get my mind off of it all. Im so stressed with it although my life has been great the past few weeks. I know that someday we can learn how to cope and deal with our very real fears and live a happy life, but .. it isn't going to happen overnight and it will take a hell of a long time before we can all say were actually feeling normal. But for everyone out there reading this who suffers from suicidal thoughts, depression, cutting, emeto, panic or anxiety attacks etc. Know that you are not alone as much as you feel you are... your not. There many people going through the same things and same thoughts you are, but your so caught up in your fears and disabilities that you don't realize it. And I promise you, someday... thing will look up and youll be able to look someone straight in the face and tell then your made it and your happy with your life. Just believe in your self.

It's like your explaining my life!!!! I do all of that. But my I'm driving my family crazy so they finally put me on Zoloft. (Side effects *dead*) I'm starting off take a low dose then slowly increasing and I have no side effects (*knock on wood*) lol. I love winter only because I like the weather. But I also HATE winter because of norovirus. An app that helps me is called "Instapray" it's a prayer app where you type a prayer and people all over the world pray with you. But good news! If you wash your hands, don't put your hands in your mouth, and don't eat uncooked meat, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get sick. Good luck. And just know that you're not alone.

I know this is an old thread but the end of your comment gave me an epiphany. When I was 8 years old i got the stomach flu. I threw up for 2 days straight. I immediately had this fear. It faded a couple years after. It since then has developed again for the past year when I had problems with my gallbladder and felt sick all the time, then I had to help a friend who got appendicitis on a church trip and was up sick in the middle of the night. Since then this phobia has ruled my life. I don't even spend the night at people's houses anymore. But thank you because your comment made me think about the true reality of throwing up. As long as you have healthy habits and wash your hands and cook meat thoroughly there's pretty much no way you can get really sick. It is that simple. Hopefully after putting this into perspective I can give myself some reassurance and not freak out all the time. Thanks a lot and I hope everyone is staying strong. Because even though it is all in our head, it's crazy how real it can become. The mind is very powerful and can make us feel things that aren't even there.

hi Megan, a couple minutes ago I would have never thought that something that happened two years ago would reappear. honestly I forgot I had this account. I got an email saying I had a reply. after two years. reading back on my post feels so weird but I am so glad to know it helped someone. a lot can happen in two years. I would love to talk to you outside of this website, I'm so glad that my 2 year -old self reassured you :D (I guess 2 years ago I wasn't allowed to have this account because my age is not 22-25 LOL)

I know EXACTLY how u feel. I am ALWAYS thinking about being sick! Constantly! I have always had this fear but these past months have been terrible, I am lying in bed right now, thinking I am going to b sick, my story is identical to yours only I am 12, I have so much of my life to enjoy but I can't becuase I am constantly worrying about it! If anyone can help please do! xxxxx :(

I'm so glad to find others like me I have always had emetophobia from quite a young age but the symptoms of anxiety are getting worse the older I am getting, I am now 28 and when I was 18 first signs of anxiety started I suffered for a year with having panic attacks everyday then started cbt using energy tapping which seemed to work and I was pretty much cured for a long time until recently when my son started nursery at a year old hrs now 18 months and the past 6 months I felt like I'm going insane every twinge in my stomach sets me off every time we are in public in groups of people I'm convinced I'm going to catch a bug and be sick every week my son comes home from nursery I worry he's caught a bug and going to pass it on to me I'm at a stage where I'm ready to take my so out of nursery and never leave house as its making me very depressed but I know it no way to live, currently I'm in therapy again but it's much harder this time as feel like I'm in a black hole and can't get out. May I add I'm nota sick person I have only vomited 4 times in my whole life.

Wow, I had no idea other people had this. Your story is almost identical to mine, except mine started wayyy before 17. But I do the whole ritual things (like knocking on wood, ect.) It's insane. I've read where anti-anxiety medications would help alleviate some of the effects, but I don't agree with them (no offense!!) and don't really want to end up on one. I'm so embarrassed about it, and even my husband doesn't really understand the full of effect of it. I mean, he gets that I don't like it, but says "you need to build a bridge" and doesn't really get that it's "real"? I guess.. and I started to think it wasn't either until this website. Anyway, I'm going to sign up on here.. and I'll let you know if I come up with something other than medications or hypnosis to help! Goodluck .

Oh wow this sounds like me a few months ago!! I also do the touch wood thing, and other little silly obsessive things. I feel better knowing I'm not alone.
But I have been better with the panick attacks, I have started taking a drug called Lexapro, depending on the person I had little to no side effects! Got to stick it out a few weeks then it will kick in! And it'll be worth it :) well that's what happened for me!

Also have you heard of anti-metics? I am on one called 'Largactil' it stops you from being and feeling sick. It makes me feel better knowing I can take it. And also is used for anxiety so you can get your doctor to prescribe it :) hope all is well xo


My fear is almost the same but I'm not afraid myself of throwing up, its people around me. I have always had issues with vomit of people around me but only in the past 6 months has it really escalated BAD... My son (4) threw up a bit in our van one day - I wasn't even in the van that day I was at work, but just that thought has now put me in a panic and I will barely drive anywhere in the van with him for fear he's going to throw up. Its taking a huge toll on my life both with my son and husband. If we go anywhere that is further than a 15 min drive, I have to take my own vehicle and have my son go with my husband. My son got sick in the summer last year, and I ran away up to the second floor of the house and couldn't go back down - my husband looked after him. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe, I started therpy recently but it was a waste of time, all it did was teach me relaxation methods which we all know do not help. I am wondering if anyone out there has issues not with themselves vomiting, but with others around them?

When I hear someone say they feel sick or they threw up, I'm instantly feeling sick to my stomach and worried that i will catch it and give it to my son.... for some reason I just feel very anxious when I think about my son throwing up..... I just need some people to talk with for support.

Hi, I have way bad anxiety about people around me throwing up. If my husband says he feels nauseous, I want to sprint out the door immediately. When I was growing up, if my siblings got sick I would lock myself in my room and open all the windows, even in the middle of winter. I love amusement parks but always get anxious because other people throw up on rides. I can't even think about my future children getting sick because it makes me want to not have children. I need to talk to people who know how I feel, because everyone around me looks at me like I'm crazy when I worry about other people throwing up!

mines not as bad as that, but when i hear someone feels ill, i just dont wanna be alone, i feel like i want to cry, i would even try to sleep out if someone in my family has the stomach bug. one time i slept over my grans one night, my best friends two nighhts and when my mum said to come back i refused. i felt so bad and a bit homesick. its not me though. its my head. i know it is. i check the date on everything too, even if it expires today, i wouldnt eat or drink it. hopefully we can get in touch and talk when we feel like this. i need someone here for me and so do you. x

I have severe emetophobia and I am on lexapro for it and it has no side effects that involve vomiting nausea or stomach pain

Me too I am on lexapro the fear is still there but I am able to manage it a lot better, and the panick attacks are nearly non existent. :) I recommend it!

I have the same exact problem!.. It all starting last month when I got the stomach flu and threw up twice. I had fear of throwing up when I was a kid but I didn't really have THIS much fear as I do now. Every time I think about throwing up I start feeling like there's something in the back of my throat. I start having panic attacks and my heart starts beating fast as if I can throw up at anytime. I lose my appetite at times and just hate this feeling so much... But what we all have to know is that IT'S ALL IN OUR HEADS. What I personally do that always makes me feel at ease is playing games on my iPad or iPhone that keeps my mind from thinking about throwing up. For me it works 90% of the time. If you have a smartphone, download some apps that will keep you thinking and take your mind off things. When you're at work or school and starting thinking about throwing up and anxiety, take out your phone and start playing some apps. It is all in our minds so if our minds are busy doing something else we will feel much better.

I suffered from this when I was 8 ad got help, which solved it. But I'm 16 now, and for some reason, it's coming back. It's ruining my nights, even just getting a cold, i get scared that I'm gonna throw up. I know it's just in my head, so i try to remember that, but sometimes it's hard. Try reading, something to get your mind off of it. Don't do electronics, that makes it worse. Just relax your body, and think happy thoughts.

This is so sad :( I feel exactly the same way and it's truly complete and utter torture. I feel so sad that everyone here has to suffer with this. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It is such a bad fear. It consumes my life. I feel so badly, and while it is comforting to know I'm not alone, it is sad that none of us are able to overcome it or come up with a solution. Has anyone ever overcome this? I'm so hopeless I really believe I will die with this fear. :'(

I know exactly how you feel.
Only recently have I come down with this phobia but it's already taking over my life... It all started at the beginning of last year when my boyfriend came down with the stomach flu and was sick in front of me... That night I was so certain I was going to come down with it I started taking domperidome an anti sickness tablet to try and prevent it... And that night was the first time I had ever experienced a panic attack I was never sick as the tablet had stopped that from happening... But I felt sick to the point where I couldn't sleep as my fear was just so strong... And im still suffering from it now.... Although my phobia is becoming easier to deal with as im going through a type of therapy called cbt (cognitive behavioural therapy)... Now this kind of therapy looks at the thought process of the mind... How one thought causes this massive fear and then they will get you to assess this thought and basically make you realize how silly this fear is by helping you to rationalize it... For example at ny last session I learned that people need to be sick... It's our way of dealing with a stomach issue... Horses and rabbits cannot vomit... Therefore if they were to get a stomach issue or.eat something bad they could very easily die... Where as we will be sick a few times and then it will be over....
I hope this has helped... I really do know how you feel... And I couldn't imagine living with this fear for as long as a lot of people here have done...
Take care :)

I thought I was the only person! I deal with this everyday, hoping that one day someday something is going to click, an it's all going to go away. I've been like this since 8 and it went away for 4 years and recently came back. I'm 14 now and I struggle with this everyday till the time I go to bed. I think I actually forgot what it feels like to live normally withouut thinking about throwing up. My parents are tired of it because it happens every single day. When something hurts I automatically thing I'm going to throw up, my heart starts to pound, my head starts to pound and I freak out.I want to get over this because I miss living normally and this has prevented me doing things I really want to do.

I started feeling that way and I'm only 12 u don't know what to do I'm not sick but I've been up for nights worrying about throwing up and I just burst out crying for no reason my parents think its worries but its not . I try to sleep but then I get a puking feeling. I don't know what to do anymore I'm just upsetting myself and I don't even wanna go to school. My dad is getting upset cause we go through this sickness / worry thing every day and its not my fault I can't help it. If I get a throwup feeling il stop everything start drinking water (makes mouth dry though) il walk around my house pacing and I feel like I'm not gonna feel better until I puke and I shake and stuff for hours too! Please some advice!

I am exactly the same way maybe even worse lol!, mine started at age 5 and I'm 31 now and it has not gotten easier over the years just harder actually, unfortunate as that sounds, the older I get the more I find out or know if that makes sense, and because of it developed more and more weird regimines and things I won't do and things I avoid, it's to the point that now my anxiety over this and being afraid to vomit is what happens when I have anxiety attacks over it, I start dry heaving and gagging but don't actually vomit, it is HORRIBLE!!!! I have prayed so many times that id give an arm or leg to never vomit again or wouldn't mind erasing my memory even losing all the good memories to lose this phobia! I feel for you I'm right there with you!

your not alone. I've been afraid of vomit since i can remember. I'm afraid to go to parties because I'm scared someone will vomit from being too drunk. i have ocd with washing my hands. at least 3 times a day i think about being sick, and the anxiety of it all causes me to actually feel sick, i get so nervous that sometimes i get diarrhoea which makes me feel like I'm going to vomit. I'm scared to go to hospitals to visit people incase they vomit, or i hear someone vomit. the noise of vomit drives me insane. however, i havnt vomited since i was 8 years old.

Omg, Thank God.
People feel the same way. I was literally just freaking out i thought i was going to throw up i was having an anxiety attack my heart was pounding like crazy.
my friend managed to calm me down.
i have felt like this since i was 11, im 14 now. I use to not be like this, i dont know what made me feel like this.
I HATE hot dogs, just because i threw up because of it twice.
im glad im not aloone.
Im always here to listen.

This is EXACTLY what happens to me everyday. I even went to the doctor because i thought i had something really wrong with me!! When I'm at school i even have panic attacks. Whenever someone says they feel sick or even has a gross cough i get scared that their going to throw up and i just kind of freak out. I may seem fine on the outside, but inside i am a disaster!! I always have to make sure there is a garbage can nearby or something! I am 16 and I've been dealing with this problem for about a year now and it is completely taking over my life.. I suddenly don't want to go out and do things anymore with this fear of throwing up or others throwing up around me. It really has to be the worst fear out there! I am so jealous of everyone who doesn't suffer with this problem/: but it is really nice to see how many people are just like me! I had no idea i wasn't alone on this! I thought i was really going crazy. Just knowing there are others like me makes me feel a lot better.

Good luck to everyone dealing with it
It really is hard to live with everyday of your life
Hope it gets easier for you and me... xoxoxo <3

Everythin that you described happens to me everyday. My parents think I'm crazy and they don't believe that emetophobia is a real thing. I try to explain but it jus embarrases me.

This is EXACTLY how it is for me. Some people like to be alone when they are sick, but I can't stand to be alone. I am 16 now, I have never successfully stayed the night at anyone's house because my emetophobia has caused me to have separation anxiety. How do you tell if you are actually sick though? I always think I am really sick, even though everyone else tells me that I am not. I have had this since I was in the 3rd grade. I am so scared to throw up that I will refuse to eat any meat, or get into a car. It is even forcing me to be homeschooled. I can't handle public school because of my separation anxiety, because of my emetophobia. It is just a vicious cycle that must be stopped.

Wow, I'm 17 now and it's really hit me too! I'm so scared, your story word for word is exactly like how I feel! There's therapy for this stuff but I really can't bring myself round to go!:(

have you recovered yet?it worst thing to have it realy is.

Hi trixie I'm 13 and I ha e the same thing<br />
and everything you go through I face too<br />
I'm so scared and I don't know what to do<br />
I probably cant help but I thought I'd<br />
tell u your not alone<br />
My dad hasn't thrown up in 10 years And I beg to be like him<br />
I'm scared right now<br />
its nice to hang with peopl<br />
just<br />
I mean just<br />
Like me

I am 17 years old.I realised that i had emetophobia when i was 7 years old when my mum had a problem with her neck which made her being sick all the time.When she had that i was just scared of her and i didn't want to talk to her unless i made sure that she was OK.Well after that she went to a doctor and she was OK.I actually had thrown up once in my life that i remember when i was 7. But when my mum was cured i somehow manage to forget that my problem exists because it didn't happen to deal with vomiting again,until last year.last year i was taking some exams and i had to study almost all day for a year and they caused me so much stress.i started to feel pressure in my stomach, i felt sick most of the time. I had also a nephrolith because i didn't drink much water which made me sick and i almost threw up(luckily i hadn't eaten,the pain is horrible). After i started being terrified in the idea of throwing up,every time i ate i felt sick(gums and pills helped,also very cold water). I woke up at nights an i was shaking without a stop.It was just horrible because the shaking made me more sick and the fear of throwing up made me to shake even more.I even went to a physiologist. He didn't really help though. But the time passed i also passed my exams and now i am much better.well for me there are two ways to overcome your fear.The first one is to face it,let it happen and the other is to something in order to forget it.i couldn't do the first so i did the second one.You have to start going out take your friends and do some short walks after longer one in order to leave the house and start to feel safe at other places.You should take up a hobby that you really like and makes you happy( i watch many movies,play PC games,design nails,make bracelets necklaces etc i paint ). lastly i believe that adopting a pet will be helpful especially dogs. it makes you really happy but only if you are absolutely sure that you can take care of it. i hope that i helped.as we all know life is too short go out and have fun!

I can feel your pain in your story! Ive been living my life having panic attacks and watching what i eat and having my mind play games on me and always carrying a packet of chewing gum on me and not sleeping incase I wake up in the night and be sick.. For example now it's 12:45am and I'm still awake worrying about beig sick.. This has happened to me since I'm 7 I'm now nearly 22 .. See if this helps your sleeping though.. If you think about it your not sick when your asleep are you? Also always avoid sea food and chicken when your out but you can eat other meats as they can even be eaten raw! As for the chewing gum we think that helps us but chewing gum creates unwanted saliva which then causes acid causing us to feel sick.. It's a vicious circle.. Do you ever check your fab to see if you could have a temperature? That's another of my ritules my phobia makes me do I always use tissue and things p fiddle with while I'm trying to sleep! If you talk to people and do seek help for example when I was 15 I had a physcologist and that helped and now I have good months and bad months I haven't had a bad month for a whole but there's been a sicky bug going round and I'm convinced I'm going to get it and I'm actually making myself poorly and runned down I'm over thinking it that much.. Anyway I hope I've helped you a little.. Sites like this help me so much! So I hope I've given something back xx

Your story, word for word, is just like mine. I couldnt go to school without gum and water. Little things i didnt think people would understand.

I have the same problem. I'm actually having a panic attack right now and googled emeraphobia cause reading others stories actually makes me feel normal. my fear of this started out of no where too. I did have bad experiences growing up but this kind of hit me out of no where a year ago. I can't eat , can't ride in cars without worrying about getting car sick. it feels like everyone thinks I'm crazy for being so afraid of this. but it's gotten so bad I'm afraid to live my life. I know exactly how you feel.

i 've had tis problem since i was about 9 and i never knew there was a name for it before my mom got my emetophobia was so horrible i use to wake my mom up at nights and jump up and down when the feeling of throwing up hit me and ask her could she stand in the bathroom with when i did it sometimes she would have hold me and rock me a little it would help a little but then the feeling would come back and i would jump up again she use to tell me do it get it over with. as the years went by it got harder to deal with because i would start shaking from it i would eat pepermints while shaking my head saying no putting waterbags on my stomach sniffing stuff like rubbing alcohol hopeing it would go away but it did'nt help.It has'nt been as bad as far as me jumping up and down i have notice that when i do feel like that i start feeling cold could be from my aniema i have been telling myself that nothing is going to happen to me i'am going to be alright. i told my sister about my phobia and she said that she just do it because she it will be over recently i have been feeling like i have to do now i don't know if it's my mind thinking or my body wanting to do could be a mix of both anyway i have been telling myself if it does happen i'm going to let go and do it but when i've been feeling like i have to do it i keep chickening out.

I am going through the same thing. When I was 10 I had appendicitis and I threw up. Ever since that night I was sooo afraid of throwing up. Five years went by and I had gotten over my fear until this year when I got the stomach flu. Since January I have had emetophobia AGAIN. This time it is way worse!!! I am constantly worried I can't even go to volleyball practice or school I am now home schooled. I fear germs and constantly wash my hands. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder OCD and panic attacks. All from emetophobia. <br />
I know how irrational I am being but I can't stop having this fear. It's like there are two people in my head. One says throwing up is ok and everyone does it no matter what you will be alright an things will get better. The other one says oh my god Im so afraid of this I can't handle it I need help now or I am going to go crazy! <br />
<br />
I know how you feel. I need help too. And I need it now. I'm Whitney by the way.

You basically just described my life! Have you been doing any better? I am so miserable too, and I don't know how to deal with it. Have you gone to therapy for it at all?

yeh, i have the same thing, started last year, when i was 13, im now 14, but its getting as bad as what you explained, but minus OCD and praying. and no one knows. lately i feel sick all the time

I used to be the exact same way! There was even a period of time where I wouldn't eat for fear it would come back up. I also wouldn't sleep. But I fixed this problem with medication. Travel sickness medicine that won't make you drowsy. Every night before bed I take this or benadryl(because antihistamine makes it impossible to throw up and calms you down). Neither of these medicines have side effects. Ever since I started taking this medicine I have been able to live my life freely with no insomnia or anxiety.;]

Hi. I'm Olivia and I'm 13 years old. I have the same exact symptoms as Trixie. I get those thoughts too. Like, if I don't knock on this wood I'll throw up) I do the same thing. If my brother pukes, I faint. I'm soo scared. It keeps me up at night. I just need help somehow. :(

Wow this crazy. I feel a lot of everyone's pain and its really relieving to know that there are people out there like myself. But what I do for to help my panics is just taking deep breaths in and out and it helps make the panic go away. If I have a stomach ache I usually drink Pepermint tea or ginger ale they can reaally help. I also chew a lot of gum. I am 18 and have had this since I was in 6th grade and haven't discovered what it was till about two years ago. I thought I just had stomach issues. It controls my life as well I don't drink or do anything because I don't wanna throw up I dont goto bed until a stomach ache passes fearing I will wake up and throw up. But its nice to see this!

Ughh i feel like crying right now because this phobia has taken over my life too :( I just dont know what to doo anymore I am seeing therapy but I cant stop panicking right now this is awful!!! It is comforting to know that so many people have this phobia, and i hope for all of you that it gets better! Btw I am 17 and i have had this phobia for a few years...

I'm pretty sure we are incredibly alike! Everything you said, my reaction was "WOW...THIS IS JUST LIKE ME." I know you posted this more than a year ago...how are you doing now? If you read this, please message/add me! We can talk about similar experiences.. I am so glad I'm not the only one!

Hey, <br />
<br />
I know how u feel, im having an emetophobic panic attack right now, im so tired of it all and I really wish that someone could please tell me the difference between an attack and actually feeling sick, because they feel the same to me. I know your body can do some crazy things under the influence of stress and sleep deprivation but the amount of times i have panicked, paced, freaked, shook and cried for no reason what so ever because i was not sick at all. Right now i feel awful, but it comes in waves, but i have no idea if i am going to throw up or not. I have suffered from emetophobia for about 8 years and one would think that things might get easier but they don't. I guess i have learned to control them a little in a way that i can conceal it in public because i dont want to be the girl making a scene and freaking out for no reason. If somehow there was a way to tell the difference between an attack and a genuine sickness, like would be a hell of alot easier. then if you knew you were going to be sick you know that your body needs to and after you will feel better so in a way it would be a good thing. I dont know will that ever happen for me but i really hope it does. i know i can be sooooooooo ocd when it comes to eating, and handling anything that may have bacteria but theres this little voice that is saying to me ''if that other person can live normally without being ocd about germs and not be sick why cant you'' its a control issue. I know all this like the back of my hand.<br />
<br />
<br />
it really upsets me. :(

I know that there are so many people who don't understand this at all. I do understand I feel the exaclt same way. Some things I do to help.... I do not drink caffeine at all. Caffeine can trigger panic attacks. Although I know sleep is very hard to get ( believe me I really do) i have been told that whe. You are sleep deprived you are more vulnerable to panic attacks. Some advice I have to give... I too was so afraid to take pills because of the side effects... I now take celexa and lorazepam I have not gotten sick from these medications or even felt sick. I have also tried acupuncture which really did help quite a bit. A doctor can prescribe you a medicine called a beta blocker... This makes it so when you start to freak out the shaking and pounding of your heart will not be so intense. At the moment I am nit doing so well either I am going to a hypnotist ASAP. All I can say is do the best you can to try new things. Don't go out of your comfort zone... That is never an enjoyable thing. I wish you the best of luck

jesus christ!! i thought i was the only one that felt this way! it makes me feel better knowing their are people that suffer the same thing as me

Hi, I also have this problem. I get horrible anxiety also. I get a sick feeling in my stomache feeling like I am going to throw up, I shake, and my heart pounds hard to. I have only had to bad anxiety attacks. The first one was when I was home alone and my dog got sick in the hallway. I ended up going outside three times and called my mom. I finally just went into my room and watched tv and it went away. The other time I had anxiety was when I spent the night at my grandmas house and she had a stomache ache. She told me that she hadn't had the stomache flu at all that year and she might have it. I went home with a horrible stomache and had myself convinced I had the flu but I didn't, and it was all in my head. Wher I live, the stomache flu goes around every winter around christmas like now and it taunts me and ruins the holidays for me. I have 3 younger sisters and one of them usally gets sick. Not until now dis I know that many many people have the same fear as me.my parents don't understand what I'm goof through only my friend beacuse she has the same fear. It is always in the back of my head all of the time and I just wish I had any other fear. I haven't had any help with it beacuse my parents just don't understand. I'm telling you all of this because i know that I like knowig other people know what I'm going through. I will pray for you and let's hope we both overcome this fear because it is horrible!

when i first read this, im like i cant believe this girl has what i have! its very hard to deal with! i HATE it!! i totally understand what its like, i just want this pain to be gone. i feel a little better than i now know someone who has what i have! thank goodness, i know im not alone but you still feel alone.. cause people around you dont understand the pain that goes on through out your head. i just want to be cured and want nothing to do with this fear anymore.. sorry that im not really giving you advice here but i cant cause i dont know what to say.. since i deal with the same thing you do.

hi there i have just been reading your story and its like your my twin ' every thing you seid is the same as what im going thruogh right now. the phobia for me started when i was 17 but ther is a pin point of what coused mine i got raily drunk and i started vomiting on the same night i was choking and it wouldan't stop ever since then my food intake went down the pan i waighd 8 and half stone befor i got the phobia im 22 now and i waigh 6st im totally house bound i check dates on food's sick it on my mind the second i wake up to the second im asleep i wont see family members incase they have a bug ect. im now waighting to see a emetophbia specialist so my advise is go see your gp and try to get some sort of therapy just remember your not alone .

I completley understand.. I think I'm finally more willing to just let it happen, since we all know the anticipation, is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS worse, than the act ual occurance.. I wrote a post about this a while back, but can't find it now.. IT really does take over your life.. when i was little it was totally out of controll... of course back then people jus tthou ght I was weird... I rode from Vermont (where i live) to penslyvania with my boyfriend at the time.. and about 4 hours into it.. we decided to take a break and walk around for a bit.. well I felt absol utley fine until my feet hit the ground.. and then I was paniking like someone just stole my child, or I just found out I was going to jail.. you know what I mean.. shaking, panic attacks, running around outside, breathing so deeply it's a miracle I didn't hyperventalite lol.. and of course when you panic it make everything worse... asking strangers to pray for you, trying to get to a good place and not being able to on your own is a scarey thing.. I understand! When I was little I would not go to bed until I felt better.. or if i ate something i thought might make me sick if I didn't check the expi ration date and then saw it after.. than I'd stay awake just to make sure I didnt wake up sick.. my friend Ben told me that sleep heals your body thou gh.. your cells regenerate when you sleep.. so it's more likely that even if you ate something that didn't agree with you, if you can rest to the point of sleep and relax your body.. the outcome will be better.. and I found it to be true.. when you deprive your body of what it needs it's a lose lose situation.. Eating out became a nightmare, eating at other peoples houses was an ightmare, it affected and sometimes continues to affect my social life.. just one day at a time.. it's hard to explain to people why you cancel pl ans, or why you dont want to hang out with them if you know food will be there... they just don't understand, they don't get it... I took care of the sweetest little girl for 4 years and after she went into school I didnt see her anymore, her parents invited me over to dinner.. and I had to cancel plans and I was too ashamed to tell them why.. I've lost contact with them now and I miss her terribly... Now, it's still partially affecting what jobs I can get.. how clean the air is in the envirnment.. If I'd be able to get outside a lot for fresh air.. , how often you're able to wash your hands.. in winter it got so out of hand.. my hands were so dry they would crack and bleed, it was very painful.. I would flush the toilet with my foot so I wouldn't have to touch the handle, but then I'd still wash my hands.. I'd bug my boyfriend to wash his hands after he went to the bathroom before he'd touch me..potty training with the kids i took care of was a nightmare lol.. always washing the bathroom.. I over cook things too, refuse to eat eggs or chicken at a resturant.. you know, all it takes is that one time.. can't even walk past a subway.. (the food did not make me sick, the kids gave me a virus) I'd avoid taking medications for the same reasons, I'm supposed to have dental work done (for quite a while) and I've been so fearful about the medicine i might have to take before the procedure... the best thing you can do is inform yourself.. find out the facts.. talk to others who suffer with it and especially those who have suffered in the past and have overcame it.. it's encouragining, and even if you believe it could never be something that wouldn't take over your life.. their is light on the other side! God loves you, and this is not his best for your life... try to hold on to him tighter than you hold on to your fear.. for he has not given you as pirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind... I'm happy to listen anytime, I understand!!! ((((hug)))))) justsarah27@gmail.com (aim is Considerurdreams)

I know exactly how you feel. I didnt know I was Emetophobic until tonight cuz my grandmother threw up and now Im shaking my head conastantly telling myself I dont want to puke and I cry and whine because I dont want it to happen to me. I want to go home now and tell my mom, but she'll just tell me tha same thing she always does,"No you're not." but I AM. She, for some reason, always tells me its in my head or Im not what I tell her sometimes. At one point, when I was about 8, I would ask my mother constantly to feel my forehead. When I went to public school, I got sick so many times there, everytime we went into the hallway I would take the collar of my shirt and pull it over my nose. I flush the toilet with my feet. I always obsess over how much I dont wanna puke. Everytime I DO throw up, though, I always force myself to sleep so I wont get sick again. So, when I go home, just pray that my mom will actually believe me. And also pray that I will ACTUALLY get to the bedroom without being afraid I'll get sick liek a dog. (And somehow....I hate stomach cramps and vomiting and I somehow fetish stomachs in every shape form and fasion. XD)

heyy,<br />
im 17 and ive sufferd from emetophobia since birth, its basically my life, its who i am, im so scared of being sick i cant describe the fear, im scared of eating, catching something, i cant sleep properly, its all around me, im so scared even when i leave the house, at the moment, for some reason im finding it harder to control the panick attacks and calm myself down, probably because im stressed at the moment, but im so fed up of this now, but there nothing i can do, i will do litrally anything not to be sick, im so scared all the time.<br />
laura xxx

Hang in there and don't lose trust in yourself. you're so worried about this and just trying to ignore the feelings won't help. if it's interfering with what you want to do like it 100% sounds like then give yourself a big hug by looking for help from a therapist. hard thing is that many won't understand that it's not something you grow outof but a specific anxiety that needs to be treated differently than other things, it's a challenge for even most therapists or psysiatrists to understand. nothing is more fundamental than bringing in food which makes it so much everpresent. do try to remind yourself not to settle because you can feel better and your life can be yours

I'm 16 years old, nearlly 17. I've had Emetophobia for as long as I can remember. It really got triggered in 2008 when I went to Macedonia for summer. That bug goes around over there in summer, and i caught it. I didn't throw up, but everyone else did. I nearlly did. & since i got reminded of how scary it is I've had almost constant anxiety.<br />
I've seen so many phyciatrists and therapists. I'm so glad that I live in Australia where theres only the bug gastro in summer that you catch from pools. SO GLAD. <br />
I fear this as much as you do. I hate going out. I hate being around people. I get the worst cramps on my period as well, and I just refuse to take Advil. I don't drink, but I smoke like anything. <br />
I pray to God every single night. I believe that He knows how much I fear this, and as long as I keep my word, he'll help me through this. <br />
I hope the best for you, i know life gets so hard with this phobia. It's one of the worst out there. It does ruin everything.<br />
All the best!<br />

awwwwwww sweetheart I can sooooooo relate although mine is not as bad I do some of the same things I check the dates on everything ........................... I do cook my meat well done jus enough but not till it's rubbery........ but I can relate keep praying as I will pray for you too just do not give up hope cause it's when we loose all hope thats when we are DOOMED with GOD you always have hope so keep your faith and courage in HIM..... but you are not alone in this I don't drink have neva drank cause frankly I do not care for it and when I think of alcohol I think of people being sick from being drunk so I know what u mean by the whole someone being drunk thing...... hang in there girl we will get throught his my heart pounds fast when I get a panic attack too will keep u in my prayers we are going to make it through this =)

The problem is I think this support group only intensifies our fears. We all are scared and irrational. We only make it worse. We need someone on here to tell us all how easy being sick is. I want someone to tell me that its so much fun to be sick and should just relax. Where is that person??

thank u!

Wow I didn't know someone could have that fear so badly. I mean I know I hate to throw up. And everytime i do I cry. It's not a feeling I like. Thank god I don't get sick when I drink either (knock on wood, lol) But really I dont like it either. But I am not even close to doing or feeling anything you feel. That must really be horrible. You ever think about taking a medication that will help with your phobia? and just forcing it down even though you might fear throwing it up? It's worth a try. In order to get your life back. It's a shame you are missing it! I hope something works for you. Take care!

I had that fear too.<br />
since I was small. I know where mine comes from and I just hate that feeling.<br />
just go with the flow is all I can say.

It wouldn't hurt to talk to a professional. It may be one little thing he can tell you or show you that will correct everything. I hate to be sick. I have passed out more than once fighting the trow up urge.

yeah i agree- i should def. try to look for one. thanks=]

I have emetephobia too, it started when i was 15, i am now 27. and my phobia has gotten so bad that i couldnt really go anywhere. even walking up the stairs i could count 3 steps on one foot and 2 on the other. i would constantly tell myself that if i dont do this than i will get sick or vice versa. i have been taking courses in college and i am learning how phobias work. when you start getting the feelings like that focus your thinking into something new. what works for me is a bath...or relaxation tapes, even 5-6 times a day. i just want to say that i know how difficult living with this is and i am so happy that i have found more people who have it. I thought i was alone. It took me 3 years to actually read about my phobia. noone around me could say the word vomit or flu, i would freak out just hearing the word. Now i can actually handle hearing the word and saying it. i can actually read about it and now that i have i have learned that i am not the only one living with this.