I Am So Scared!

OMG I thought it was only me that would have a phobia like this.!!!  So glad I am not losing my marbles after all. 

I have had my phobia since I can remember and I am now 41.  It rules my life. Just like Trixiee I have OCD with it.  I touch wood three time, I even have to write 'touch wood' three times.  If I don't I think I am going to be sick. Is that bad?  I have a fear of being sick and someone being sick around me.  My ears are like radars as soon as I hear some one even burp or say they have stomach ache I go into a panic attack.  I feel like I cant breath, my throat closes in, I go hot a sweaty and shake uncontrollably from head to foot.  I avoid touching door handles, stair rails, shopping trolley handles etc for fear of germ spreading.  GOD and to even think of visiting a doctors surgery where there is ill people sends me panicking.....  And all this just when I am thinking of sick let alone being exposed to it.  I cry all the time.  Have sleepless nights waiting for it to happen.  I am soooo scared. Terrified. 

I only had one child because I can't cope with him being sick and OMG he has caught a tummy bug last night.  I am so scared of getting it.  I take anti sickness pills all the time.  Does anyone know if these help with a tummy bug?  I wont eat for at least a week now.  My theory is if I haven't eaten anything then there is nothing to bring up.   Can this be true??

There is not a day goes by without me being affected in some way. These are only some of my symptoms.  i could go on and on.

 I would do anything to be cured.  I have tried CBT and hypnotherapy and these didn't work.  Has anyone out there had any succesful treatment?  I feel so alone and scared.  My family try to be good but just don't understand it fully.


Someone help me.


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I never thought i would find anyone with the same issues as me. I have ocd too. I think that if i do certain things then it will stop me from being sick. And God help anyone who gets in the way of me trying to do it. xx

You are so not crazy. i'm sorry cbt and hypotherapy didn't work. i wish these weren't so therapist dependent. my daughter has this and it is so hard. her personality has changed and she's become so closed, angry because she is so scared. some stories are out there where people have gotten better by working at it. I wish I knew that this could be helped, it tears me up inside to see it.

OMG!! How have you lived with this for so long?? I'm only 16 and I've had it for about 10yrs. I get completely freaked out if someone is sick near me. I'm like you - freak out if someone even says they've got a stomach ache - I ALWAYS seem to hear if someone doesn't feel well. I joined this to see if anyone has had any effective treatment. I want to have loads of kids and always have but I don't know how I'm going to cope if they get sick. I also wanted to be a paramedic but that career is out the window. I used to think my phobia would get better as I got older but its just gotten worse :(<br />
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Sorry I haven't really been any help to you and I hope you find a way to help :)

mines isnt that extent but i actually puked last week after 6 years, it was a baby puke but nuone the less i was freaked the hell out, i get what u say when you hear someone burp or say they feel like they have to throw up

well about not eating, it's not true. it's actually worse. best to have something to bring up instead of dry heaves that never end...<br />
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that's about the extent of my advice. i can't relate to the rest of it but good luck with getting help anyway... **hugs**<br />
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