I Didn't Know That It Had A Name!

The other day, I had gone to Tim Horton's and bought 2 coffee's, a sesame bagel and a chocolate chip muffin. One coffee and the bagel was for my boyfriend and the other coffee and the muffin was for me. Together we ate our breakfast though we hadn't had a chance to have our coffee's together. On the way to work, I wasn't feeling right. My stomach was just aching. Something was wrong. So I had a sip of coffee to calm it down but of course that didn't work. The rest of the morning just got worse. I couldn't drink anything. I couldn't even smell food at all. I was hovering over the waste paper basket pleading with my stomach not to vomit. I was actually scared to vomit. The smell, the feeling. I was suffering from food poisoning from that muffin that morning and I knew that I would feel much better if I could just get rid of what's left of it but my mind made sure that I didn't vomit.

I went home early afternoon. I got home and went to bed. My boyfriend had come over to help me feel better. He wanted me to drink lots of water to induce vomiting but I just couldn't do it. After having a minor fight, I eventually drank the water and an hour later, I did vomit crying my eyes out at the same time. I would rather be at home sick as a dog than vomit.

This morning, back at work, I decided to research why I was so affraid of vomiting. Now realizing that this is an actual fear, it made more sence. I remembered back to when I was little, I would always get sick with the stomach flu. Every year, I would be home sick with the flu. I would vomit 10 times a day for a good eight to ten days. I couldn't keep anything down. Though when I got older, I never got sick from the stomach flu again. I haven't had the stomach flu for a  good 20 years now but just thinking back to that time, makes me feel very anxious.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

WOW that must have been VERY SCARY for you jus reading it makes me a lil uneasy but that was very kindof yout boyfreind to come over and help you feel better some men would not have done that. I was just as shocked as you when I found out it had a name and I was always scared of ever gettin the tummy flu I thank GOD I neva had it dont want it if I eva had I dont think I would eva eat again but I do believe we can overcome this fear but not without GODS help I am a believer and I know he will help me through this jus takes time cause really I think we make our fears bigger than they have to be it's jus soooo hard but we must have faith that we will overcome if this were me I would neva eat a muffin again but thats jus my tryna be eva so careful way of thinkin thanks for sharing and GOD blesss. =)