Afraid Of Throwing Up

    I always hated throwing up as a little kid (well, who doesn't?) but dealt with it all the same, as it only ever happened very few times. But the last time that I vomited, which was about six years ago at age 10, I developed emetophobia. I still remember all the horrible details of that moment I lost control of my body; the way it felt as something creeped up my throat, panicking and running to the toilet, not making it on time and feeling this horrid-tasting mush force its way out of my mouth, making it hard to breathe. It terrified me. Since then I had become paranoid. Whenever I felt sick I panicked, started sweating and shaking. I refrained from eating absolutely any junk food, and when I thought I had a stomach flu, I starved myself and wouldn't get out of bed. Now that I look back on it I probably never even had a stomach flu.

    But after about 2-3 years of not vomiting once after that incident, my phobia, er, faded under the surface, you could say. I still feel little bouts of anxiety when someone says they feel really sick, or when I feel really sick. But I suppose since I haven't thrown up in six years (and eat a lot of junk food, hehe) and haven't seen anyone else throw up in those six years, I'm not really an emetophobe any more. I am 99% sure that the next time I throw up the phobia will resurface, however.

   I was researching emetophobia for one of my high school subjects a few weeks ago, and was very fascinated to find out that emetophobes throw up much less often than people who don't suffer from the phobia. Some never throw up. I read a story about one emetophobe who didn't vomit even after she was given drugs that are supposed to induce it. I suppose the power of the mind can overrule the digestive system. Which sounds okay to me!

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I didn't know what this is so I googled it. Wow, I am on this website because of bulimia. Am I in the wrong area or what lol! Wish I had this phobia could have saved me a lot of trouble.

i am the same way i hate when people say they feel sick

Im not sure if the mind is really that powerful, but i think the reason emetophobes arnt sick as often as people without the phobia, is because they go to such extreme lengths not to be sick.Like we will wash our hands more than is needed, barely eat when there is a bug going round and stay away from someone who has a bug.

Me also.When I get nausea I will get an urge to do something and if I do it it prevents me from vomiting.It goes something like this...I have a stomach bug or a urinary tract infection and I am trying to fall asleep but my stomach feels funny.I get an urge to get up and drink tea,eat crackers and start moving around,sometimes walk around the block at 3am,and this helps me from not vomiting.It is true that we who have this phobia vomit far less often.

I do believe that it's possible not to ever vomit. I am 24 and literally cannot remember the last time I vomited -- probably >15 years, possibly more like 20. I was ill with relative frequency as a kid, and consistently hated it. Like the OP I also hated watching or hearing other people vomit. I never consciously made an effort to suppress it, but my subconscious must have been powerful because I don't vomit even with the worst of GI illnesses. <br />
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It probably isn't optimal health wise, and I've been told (when sick) that you feel a lot better after vomiting, but despite having a willingness to I appear to have completely lost the reflex.

I'm the same... I haven't been sick in about the same amount of time.. I dont let myself so I think I believe the bit about not throwing up. :)

Well, it was only research I found from various sources on the internet. It probably isn't true for all emetophobes, but the research basically states that emetophobes don't vomit, or vomit much less than people without the phobia. I don't know why, it's just a theory. But perhaps the mind can be that powerful, who knows? The fact that a majority of emetophobes vomit less often than people without the phobia seems to be true, though.

The power of the mind is very powerful this is true but I do not understand how the mind can stop u from throwin up??????????? most times that's not something you can control unless I am not understanding something here???? but I use to have it worse than I do now and like you if I were to get sick today I would more than likely starv myself for dayyys jus from fear of gettin sick if I did eat anything and that nesause feelin creeeeeps me out 100%% I panic a lot......but in time and prayer I have faith that GOD will see that I overcome this thanks for sharin let me know what u think about the mind stoppin u from throwin up?? I do not get that... can u explain please if thats what u meant.