It's A's Uncontrollable.

...I don't even know how to start writing this. Emotional breakdowns are not something that should be neglected.
As everyone know, EB can hardly be suppressed, and I get them at the most random time and the most random places just like everyone else.
When I had one on the subway...I didn't know what to tears were falling nonstop and I couldn't stop it, I barely managed to keep myself from attracting attention and weird looks from people. I literally hid my head in my school bag, holding my breaths,  I finally decided to call one of my friends who is the only person that would care. I talked to her, I felt better but she is a very busy person, I felt real bad holding her up. I also have them at home, it could be all of a sudden or a word from my mom and I couldn't cry out loud...I can't let them know. If my mom finds out, I am DOOMED. Sometimes I am lucky that I get them when I'm home alone and I would yelp, cry cry cry till my body becomes dehydrated...If only anyone would be there for me.

My heart feels crushed.
KuroBara KuroBara
18-21, F
May 12, 2012