Not Quite Sure, But I Need to Do Something!

Im not quite sure  what i have, but i suspect that it could be Emotional Deprivation Disorder. I read the conrad baars website and i recognized plenty of the symptoms in myself. However, the description says that the disorder stems from nto feeling unconditional love at a young age and throughout life, but i come from a very supportive and loving family. The only thing that i can figure is that since i am the 6th of 7 children, i maybe felt subconciously that i wasnt getting the attention that i needed? I dont know. It wasnt really ever an issue until lately. I never have been able to make strong relationships with strong connections, but i had learned to live with it i guess. My husband is in Afghanistan, and he has a hard time because i dont show my emotions. I didnt(couldnt) cry when he left, although it was awful, and after he came home for his R&R i didnt(couldnt) cry then. Which really hurt him, which really hurts him still. He wants his wife to be able to show that she cares emotionally, and i CANT give him that, i just dont know how to stop supressing my emotions, and i need to fix this problem ut i dont know how to. Do you guys think that this is EDD? I dont know what to do do get better, to be able to express my feelings when appropriate.

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

i would sit your husband down and show him your evidence, in the past ( not often ) i have found this works in helping the other person/partner to understand....i have a similar problem and at the start a relatonship,i told my partner about my problem and even though he knows i am not able to show my reactions to him....he just loves me for me!!!!

Maybe your childhood was not as happy as you think. I suffer from EDD and I also taught my my early years were perfect. In a therapy, I discovered that I did not receive the essential love and careness from my mother. And more recently, helped by hypnosis, I discovered that I was strongly neglicted. Me too, I recognise myself in 95% of the EDD symptoms. It is very hard to consider that intellectualy and physically i'm 45 but emotionnaly, i'm stuck at 4 or 5 years old...

Sorry to hear that. This is the first time I've heard of such disorder. I'm also the type of person who have a hard time showing sad emotions, and it is probably because of my past. It's hard to understand for people who don't know how it feels. I guess you have to seek professional help if it is destroying a big part of your life. :)