My Gift and My Curse

Hi I have had Empathy for a long time now and recently its gone quite haywire, I can feel everyone well thankgod not every one but lets just say I cant stand in a crouded room for a long time...

I can feel peoples pain and not only feel it but It feflects in me and sometimes for no reason I start crying or get angry and I reakt on other peoples feelings,My friends have tried to help me but no good, I must say Its got better but Its still over powering,.If any one has an ofer or some advice It will be taken with much gratitude.

love and light Blessed be, Phoenix  x

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3 Responses May 15, 2007

I agree with myspip and TheTardyDodo - in that increased reaction from empathy can be caused by unaddressed stress or emotions in your own life. I recall the worst emotional low-point in my life, and that I thought I had finally lost it when my empathy was reacting to a friend's cat in heat. Thankfully, I got past it once I realized it was all external and could sort them out even under such a crushing intensity. It's something you can use on that same intensity once you've figured out how to control your inner blocks to increase and decrease pressure, to likewise affect the level of empathy you experience at any given moment.

I can understand what you're saying here. Usually I find that when I am over-reacting to other people's suffering it's because I have something in my OWN life that I have not addressed. If I was you, I would start there - there is a deep hurt in you that needs healing.

Oh! I have plenty of empathy too, but not as much as you have; <br />
However, the strong reactions you get might be so that you keep your own feelings inside you too much; do you have someone to share your feelings with, someone you know will listen to you and understand you; someone you can talk about anything with.<br />
<br />
You can always message me whenever you have something on your mind!<br />
Good luck