Eyes - Mirrors of the Soul

Look me in the eyes and I'll tell you how you feel.
I can't look people in the eyes without being able read their emotions and sometimes almost their thoughts.
It's so weird when I'm with other gifted people and i finish their thoughts or their words.
Like this week. We were playing "hang the man" in History class and one of the gifted girls at my class went to the board. I was not paying any attention at her as I was looking for a good word to write at the board.
And suddenly I think Van Gogh.
I went through my book once more before looking up at her eyes. I did not look once into the board and said:
Van Gogh.
I felt the emotions around me and then looked for the first time to the board. There it was the famous painter! I got it right...
It was so weird, it was as if each name I thought had this emotion...you know...cold, hot...getting close...
What I thought to be my thoughts were just her thoughts and emotions...

(Can this thoughts thing be considered Empathy as well?)

The eyes are the mirrors of truth in humans and i animals. I can tell you when you're lying, when you're sad or confused...
I can almost tell you what you're thinking as I look into your eyes.
So for me the eyes are essential...our strongest and weakest point...a door between the visible and the invisible.
SilentEve SilentEve
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4 Responses May 20, 2007

Yeah, is sometimes get these kind of feelings too, though, never as strong as you... but i have sometimes really good instincts on other things too...

Well Empathy is part of it, many who are empath especially when they are young and open to experience grow in their gifts as just about everyone has these abilities but do not realize it in a spiritual sense, the more you realize the more open you become, the thinner the veil becomes, as then you will have experiences beyond what you thought you had. Remain open and continue to be amazed, use it only for good, and the gifts in return will be plenty.

I wouldn't call the talent you display in your hangman story empathy, personally. It sounds like something else, something more advanced.

Woah, nice! You're truly a gifted person. You have something that not very many people have; I hope you'll do something good of it :)