The Chaos

sometimes when i close my eyes and open up a very sensitive part of my mind, i can hear what can best be described as 'the chaos.' 

the chaos is the sound of humanity, the state of the planet.  i started hearing it when i began to practice empathy with the planet as a whole.  empathy is a remarkable gift -- you can use it to read people's minds.  when you get good at it you can empathize with anything that is alive -- a pet, a plant, and with practice, the planet as well.

it is impossible to accurately describe what the chaos sounds like.  the closest i can say is that it sounds like a mad elephant the size of a city swirling within a hurricane. 

the chaos has grown over the last few years.  one or two years ago it was not nearly as loud (but back then i thought it was loud).

the sound of the chaos tells me these days that things are set to get worse -- as they have been for six or seven years now -- before they get any better.

if you are not used to suffering or pain, and if you are new to empathy, i would take some time before empathizing with the planet -- the experience may be overwhelming.  it is a step best taken by seasoned sufferers, whose hides have been hardened through the sharp whip of experience. 
Seraph1m Seraph1m
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

This was a really potent and powerful story. I guess we all give different labels to this sort of level of connection and relationship to the world, but for me this is part of the emotional core of my spirituality. Interestingly, when my percpetion of it all started to spread out and project this understanding back and forward in time, I found a much greater peace - the world, and life has a profound capacity to heal itself. Over the past few years though, I have become unsettled again. If if runaway climate change ever becomes reality, this may be one thing that the world as we know it can not withstand - not if the fundamental temperature regulation systems fail. As far as I can tell, it's a very small, but still genuine possibility.

You've done well not to be overwhelmed by your empathy yourself. I've always found when I soak up someone else's pain, I feel it as my own. It's never easy to selfless enough to share someone else's pain out of the goodness of your heart.