Control. Or Lack of It...

My empathy has been with me every since I was young. But as I got older I learned to draw it in close to me when the occasion called for it. It also got more unpredictable. Sometimes it would just flair up at akward moments, I never did figure out the trigger. But I also learned to push it out around me. If alot of people were near it got a little overwhelming, so this was my incentive to find some way to narrow it down. I did and now it comes naturally. I feel what other people feel without prejudice about the situation and so can see the root of the emotion. I've never tried this with the earth or even a tree or flower, honestly I don't know how I'd handle it. Sometimes I open it up unconciously and don't realize and it takes a lot of concentration to rein it in again. Instead of working to keep the talent active ( like you should with most psychic gifts), I work to keep mine closed and under control. I'm always wary that someday I'll be so content with someone's joy or happiness that I'll be reluctant to let it go. I don't know why I feel others but I'm pretty sure it's not to leech of their love and happiness. Though I'll admit I have been tempted.
Faile Faile
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 14, 2007

hi I think you are a very strong minded pearson and your gift is to very demanding I know what it feels like to feel everyona and not be able to controle yourself, Its horible, but we have these gifts for a reason and until we know what thwt reason is, we should think about it as a blessing and a curse and what ever you do, never givein to the pain and sufering of uthers its way to strong, felling,.<br />
Hope your well and im here if you ever wanna talk, love and light, Phoenix xx stay strong