Allen Pease


I taught myself to have pretty good empathic instincts. Read Body-language by Allen Pease (there is a newer edition I need to track down) and afterwards you’ll feel like a mind reader, all the things we pick up on unconsciously become a conscious experience that is very much like having super-powers. You’ll be able to detect thoughts and feelings before people even know they’re having them.

The other area which I guess could be called empathetic is where I spend so much time analysing myself that I have a pretty good internal map of human responses and interactions and the thoughts/feelings/relationships that create the balance we call society. The result being that I can sometimes guess someone’s actions a few steps ahead.

I think this is somewhat because of my personality type, Intp’s are atypically described as having this characteristic, but am I an INTP because I made myself one or because it was genetic…who knows? I don’t.

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1 Response Jun 18, 2007

Thanks for the book recommendation! I've seen some of the other books by Pease & Pease in the bookshop. Hopefully I'll find a copy of the Body Language one at a cheaper price than on their site. Their video course is horribly expensive!!! Also, I think you make an incredibly important point here - empathy is a learned skill. There are a few people who will always struggle with it, but far too few people ever bother to cultivate it. It would be a different society if everyone grew up learning to be empathic towards their fellow humans. And I think Meyers-Briggs proponents would say that you were just reinforcing your natural INTP tendencies, but that sort of logic is always a bit fraught.