Am I An Empath?

I don't know if I'm empath. In a sense it would be a relief if I was because then I would have something to call it.

I'm very sensitive. If someone kills a fly I feel pain inside. Being in big crowds is difficult, but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm anxious. I don't know if I pick up on other peoples emotions, or if its just my own emotions going crazy a lot.

I want to accept myself for who I am. For a long time I've been frustrated with myself for being so sensitive, for being "weak" when I wanted to be strong. I tend to repress a lot of emotions, and it makes me sick. I feel nauseous all the time and very tired.

I wish I knew why I'm so sensitive.

Windance Windance
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2007

I am not sure there is a *reason* behind it. It may well just be the way you are, an important and valuable part of your identity. Some of us are just more deeply *connected* to the world and the people within; some of us see and feel the deeper significance of things and it can be overwhelming and frightening at times.<br />
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In the end, i think part of the answer is recognise it for the talent that it is, a potent connection. It is two edged, ofc course, because it brings the pain of others to oneself, but that same connection will let one feel the joy and the happiness and life of others as well.<br />
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I don't think that being sensitive is related to being strong, one way or another. The strength, or lack of it, is a la<x>yer underneath the power of those connections. I found my strength at my very core - it is a place that the emotions wash over, like a river over the river bed. I suspect if you look deep enough, under the torrents, you will that solidity there as well. :)

No, I don't know how to create a shield around myself. <br />
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Thank you both for your wonderful replies :)

yeah, you sound like an empath. do you know how to build a shield around yourself to keep from feeling every little thing? i nearly went crazy before i learned i could block out some of what i precieved.

Naw, don't see yourself as weak; you're just caring and mild :) Try to see if you can turn it into something positive instead :D Trying to suppress feelings are not necessarily the best way. Maybe it is simply the lack of a friend that you can share/talk about your inner feelings with that you feel extra sensitive; in that case, get someone you can be mentally/spiritually close with :)