It's a Mixed Blessing

on the one hand, i can know if one of my friends hurts, on the other hand, if they're really suffering, it can make me physically ill.  and it hurts horribly to not be able to fix their hurts.
SunnyKris SunnyKris
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

Is about the best you can so sunny *smiles*

yeah, it happens with strangers for me, too. sometimes theyre hurting so bad i feel sick to my stomach. all i can do is pray for them, and send healing energy their way. *sigh*

It is really an ability that many are now realizing they have, or can put a name to it, so now you can put a name to it (Empath), then you also must learn how to cleanse yourself and release, when you are able to do this then you are able to do more good. I have written a few stories in here about meditation, I really can't do it, my mind is to busy, but being an empath, I had to learn something to help release because many emotions as you know are negative, and we feel when we have the ability to help someone, where as an empath actually helps relieve others negativity making them lighter, what the heck do we do with it? Make ourelves physically Ill?? No! I will share a couple of quick ten second releases and hopefully it helps...<br />
The first one is along the lines of a "sigh", we all sigh, did you know it is our body's way of releasing? when we are empathic, we need more sooooo, every day and night take 10 seconds to do this: Close your eyes, visualize a bright emanating white light above you, inhale through your nose deep picturing the light coming in through your nose and emanating through out your body as energizing light, as you exhale visualize the negative Grey color negativity blowing out from everywhere in your body through your mouth into the light, do this 3 times, takes about 10 seconds, and if you do this at least twice a day, you will feel the results in 2 days to 2 weeks. Love and Light to ALL!!