Some Times Its Just Hard

hey well im crystal

and this is my empathy story i have been a witch for a good 11yrs now but have always been able to do stuff that was you could say was different so for me being a witch it just kinda seemed natural you know.

i am an empath who is also telepathic as well as clairvoyant and many others the list just goes on and on. i love my gifts but sometime its hard i feel the emotions hear the thoughts and have to help at the same time.

i have a star in my life who for me is quite i feel nothin and hear nothin from him he makes the world a calmer place to be. i would never return my gifts but sometimes i feel like im goin mad my mates think its funny that i know what they are thinkin before they say it but at the same time they treat it as if it is a switch i can turn on and off.

i dont belive bein a witch has ever pulled a darker force to me in fact i found that force all on my own and it was then that i actually lost my gifts and it was not untill recently that i got that back and they had a bit of a kick. i know feel things that are no where near me i have read emotions of a friend on the other side of the planet which is big enough not to mention astral projecting myself to them.

i belive that we have these gifts for a reason and that we should stop fightin them some people are lucky to know why they didnt get that job without all the crap that goes with it lol

well that it really im a happy if not slightly drained witch with more gifts than i would like but i live and use them everyday.

take care laters


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hi<br />
i dont think of it as brave its something i have to do the feelings dreams warnings and stuff are there for a reason id like to chat more <br />
take care<br />
laters<br />

hi,. your amaisingly strong to have lived with it like you have,.wow,. I have a few gifts too,. and i can bairly controle some of them,. ive had them just 7 years,. anyway Id love to chat with you and maby you could give me some pointers about how to controle my gifts,., <br />
<br />
good luck, let the love and light of the world guide you to the eternall happynes that you trully deserve,. *phoenix* x