The Highs And Lows

To hear, or read, of someone's loss, pain, or confusion can affect me profoundly. I feel a deep sadness when I learn of suffering, my arms ache to hold and comfort the person in pain. Sometimes I get that dull ache behind my eyes from holding back the tears. I suffer when I witness an animal suffering. I can even feel distress for a politician that is misunderstood. I also have empathy for joy. The wonderful heart full of happiness to see joy in another. A child feeling safe and loved, a dog simply bursting with waggy - tailedness to be reunited with an owner, The glow on the face of a person in love. It all affects me deeply, and I never want that to change.

Soozles Soozles
46-50, F
3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Thanks welshbabe, I'm happy to meet a fellow animal lover, and happy to hear about animal rescues! :)

I wrote a contribution, where i saved a "little black rabbits life of suffering" when i was 15yr old, i saved her and her "babies" lives for a day or more,. My and my family's heart's broke!!,.We are truly "animal lovers" I don't know if you read it!?? But that was the second time i saved an animal from abuse,. My "dog(s) i have now are from an animal rescue centre!!,. <br />
Thank you for sharing, i admire you, my friend!!, thank you!!!,. :-)

You were blessed with a deep heart! When I've had a dog here for awhile and the owner comes to the door, I think I get more excited than the dog. If the family is in the car, I always walk out with the owner so I can watch the reunion with the kids. Same way with people too! Their suffering becomes my suffering. What a wonderful, heart-warming post!