I Feel Lost

Hello, I feel lost without my son and grandson. My son who is 19 and his girlfriend of 2 years, who is 20 had a baby boy 2 months ago. They lived with my husband and me until recently. His girlfriend lived with us also. Her parents kicked her out when she turned 18, they also kicked out her older brother. Anyway, I watched her belly grow and went to doctor's appointments when my son couldn't go because of work. I was in the delivery room with them when my grandson was born. They brought him home ( to our home) and they were with us until the day after Thanksgiving when they moved an hour away. Now I don't see them or talk to them everyday like before. I am happy for them, but I miss my son and grandson a lot. Now they tell me that they are not coming to our house for Christmas. They want everyone at their house. They moved into her brother's house and is renting the upstairs. So now everyone will be there for Christmas, even the parents that wanted nothing to do with her until they found out she was pregnant, and still did not help her out. She comes to me for everything.
It has always been my son and me. We are so close and I feel lost without him. I knew this day would come and I am trying very hard, but don't know how to handle this. Thank you for listening.
rosebudmom2320 rosebudmom2320
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

You are also feeling unappreciated for all you did for them, and justifiably so. I hate to say it but I think you have to just suck it up and go for Xmas. Hopefully, things will improve.