Sharing A Bathroom With A Broker Of The Opposite Sex

I travel a lot in and near a fairly liberal city (and its suburbs).  Over the last 25 years, I have encountered many women in what should be men’s bathrooms.  I have reached the point where it seems normal, and don’t even attempt to cover up any more.  It seems that if you have to pee badly enough modesty is out the window.  It also seems that if you have to pee badly enough, you don’t care about social norms, like avoiding contact with a man’s penis.

I am a male and do building appraisals.  I had to appraise a warehouse, and was met by a relatively young and attractive female broker drinking a large cup of coffee.  We entered the unoccupied warehouse, and I proceeded with pictures, measurements, etc.

After about an hour, she announced that she really had to pee badly.  I said I could use a bathroom, too.  So, we proceeded to the only usable bathroom in the building.  It was a men's bathroom, and I told her to go first.  She stated that the rules said we had to stay together at all times.  I thought of saying I could hold it, but felt that was kind of wimpy.  Besides, we would use the stalls in the men’s room.  But the stalls were all damaged and unusable.  There were two urinals next to each other.  They were the big old urinals that went to the floor and were about one foot out from the wall, so there could be no privacy.  I looked at her, and she said "I really have to go".  I said OK.  I unzipped my fly, and started to pee.  I thought not to do that would seem wimpy.  Besides, we were both adults.

I always pee very slowly when people are watching, and this was no exception.  She removed her pants and panties.  She said she did not want to pee on them.  Neither of us made any effort to cover up, as it was not really possible.

As I said, being watched while peeing slows me down.  I saw her looking directly at my penis.  She then asked If I could show her my peeing technique, as she did not want to pee on herself.  Since she was looking at my penis, I made no effort not to look at her vagina and pointed out that she did not have the equipment to aim the way I did.  She made a number of attempts to direct her pee, each time showing me what she was doing, and asking me if I thought it would work.

She then asked me to show her what would happen if I let go of my penis and peed.  Nothing interesting there for her.

Finally, she decided that she could not pee standing, and wanted to squat a little.  She turned her back to the urinal, and asked me to steady her.  She squatted in front of the urinal I had been using (I temporarily stopped peeing while steadying her, otherwise I would have peed right in her quite exposed cleavage), and managed to pee.  She stood up, and I was finally able to finish peeing.

So, we returned to the appraisal.

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Feb 25, 2010