I Was Desparate And Drunk, So I Removed My Bathing Suit In The Men's Room In Front Of A Stranger

OK, this is a bit weird, but it happened.

I was on the beach near a beach town, and had a bit to drink that I needed to pee.  It was about 9:00 in the evening.  Although friends were there, I walked alone to the bathroom.  I was afraid of getting a sunburn, and was wearing a one-piece suit.  And, I am a quiet, conservative college girl majoring in English and writing (and told I am attractive).

There was a long line for the women’s bathroom.  After about 10 minutes, I felt I was peeing in my swimsuit.  So I decided to go to the men’s room.  I walked in timidly, I don’t do things like that.  I have never been in a men's room.  There were two stalls, so I decided to enter one.  What a surprise!

It seems that the wall between the two stalls was missing.  In the stall was a 40 to 50-year-old man peeing.  He was wearing a bathing suit, which was pulled down enough to expose everything.  And, the stalls were tiny, with the toilets practically touching.  I couldn’t wait on the line, I would pee in my suit.  I said “I’m sorry, but I really have to go, do you mind”.  He replied “please, go ahead”.

Now, what to do?  I can’t wear my suit while peeing, and don’t want to expose myself to him.  I sat down, and tried to pull my suit discretely aside.  I would just expose a little.  I couldn’t pull it enough, and I could feel I was leaking.  Do I pee in my pants?  Should I get back on line for the ladie's room?

I stood up, and removed my suit.  I am this conservative Midwest girl who won’t even undress with her roommate, and here I am naked with a strange man.  He certainly looked at my naked body, but I figured it was a fair exchange.  I was watching him pee, almost mesmerized.  I had never seen a man pee.  I told him "I hope you don't mind that I am looking at you, but I have never seen a man pee."  I then squatted down, and tried to pee, but it wouldn’t come out.  I said “I  have to go so badly, but, it won’t come out.  What should I do”.  He replied “just relax”.

I said “OK”.  Then I blurted out “I hope you don’t mind that I am watching you pee”.  He said “Don’t worry, it is OK."   I then said (remember that i was drunk) "you can watch me pee if you want".  He said "My wife often has to go badly, although I doubt she would use a men’s room like this.  But you are a different generation, and what is normal changes over the years”.  Slowly, oh so slowly, I began to pee.

We chatted a little (how odd to do when we are both naked).  Finally, I was done!  But, the toilet paper was on the other wall, past the man.  I figured that if I asked him to get it for me, it would be strange to ask.  So I, being drunk, leaned right in front of him.  And I lost my balance and fell right into him.  I am not sure quite where I fell onto him, but I know my breasts were against his crotch.  I could feel his penis, and remember thinking that I hope he stops peeing, as I don't want pee on my breasts.  This from a nice Midwestern girl.  I don't do things like this.

He helped me up, and was nice enough not to mention anything about my breasts being against his penis.  I am glad, because I was so embarrassed.  I explained about the toilet paper, and he handed me some.

I thanked him for being so nice and understanding.  I then turned to leave.  He said “hold on, don’t you want to put your bathing suit back on?”  After a couple of tries, I got in on correctly.  (I put it on backwards, had to take it off, and got it twisted into a knot.  I had to ask him to untie it).  I thanked him again, and left.  I guess I was drunker than I thought.

I am glad I did not wind up in the stall with a pervert.  And, I have never been drunk since that time.  I never told anyone this story, not even my sister who I tell everything to, and will never tell it again, I think.  It was so embarrassing, and who knows what could have happened if it wasn’t such a nice man.  But I had to get the story out.  A friend told me about this anonymous site, so here I am.

Did this ever happen to anyone else?  Please share if it did, I don’t want to be the only girl that ever did this.

And remember the lesson I learned.  If you drink too much, things could happen that you do not want.  I am so glad at leas tthis man was nice and didn't take advantage of me.

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4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

What a cute story!

Would have been simpler to pee in the ocean......................................

Been to the beach many times. It seems that the sign "Men's Room" is just a suggestion. Now, if I walked into the girl's room, I would be arrested. So much for equality.

The things we do when drunk. I need to stop going to football games as that is when I get in the most trouble.