Why Is It Always Women Cleaning The Men’s Bathroom?

I am working late, and just returned from a bathroom trip.  A few minuites ago, I entered the men’s room, and headed straight for one of the urinals.  As usual, I stood back, not wanting the pee to splash on me.

In walks someone behind me, but I cannot see that person.  The person does something near the sink, then walks over to the urinal next to me.  Surprise!  Standing next to me is an attractive, young girl, and she is cleaning the urinal.  Of course, my penis is in full view.

Now I have encountered women in the men’s bathroom on multiple occasions, and sometimes I sense they are looking just a bit.  But she had to know what I was doing there.  Couldn’t she wait a minute?

alan123454321 alan123454321
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Man up who gives a ****

whydidnt you give yourself a **** in front of her i am sure she would have enjoyed it

I left the stall the other day, and realized that a man had been repairing the adjoining stall. It goes both ways.