Another Day, Another Two Girls In The Men’s Room

This is almost a daily occurrence.  I had heard that the women’s room on my floor in my office building was flooded.  I went to the men’s room, and proceeded to the urinal to pee.  As I was using the urinal, I heard two toilets flush (there were two stalls in the men’s room).  Out walked a girl who appeared to be a teenager, along with another girl from the other stall who I presumed to be her sister.

Now the urinal is right next to the sink (the only sink), and anyone using the sink has an excellent view of all details of the urinal use.  Do you think these girls quickly washed and exited?  No, they walk over to the sink, and use it so slowly.  The young one washed her hands very thoroughly.  The, the older one washed her hands.  Finally, the older one took out a brush and brushed her hair.  I wound up waiting for the sink.

Does anyone think these girls should have been a little quicker getting out of the bathroom?

PS:  We now also know why there are lines at the women’s room.

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I was in the mall they have open urinals and 2 women walked right in they were together i have already started peeing so i was stuck one went directly into the stall the other waited for her out side next to the sink and brushed her hair she was looking at me threw the mirror and said what are you looking at in a nasty voice I dont even know if i was still peeing so i turned away from her so she couldnt see it no more as i did the other one walked out the stall and started laughing as she saw my **** I just froze with my **** out as they walked out talking and giggling

No man up

It's funny how it happens when you least expect it. I stopped at a public mens room at a park on the bay while out for a bike ride. I brought my bike into the mens room and leaned it on the half wall that separates the toilet from the left urinal. The urinal on my right (closest to the door) was open. The urinals in the city parks are stainless steel with a flat bottom filled with an inch of water. The steel construction resonates the sound, and it makes a lot of noise when you pee into the water. I get a kick out of peeing loudly (it's a guy thing), and love using the city park urinals. The womens room is on the other side of the building, and there is a gap between the walls and the roof for ventilation. Any woman or girl in the women's room can totally hear the guys when they pee and vice versa.. There was no divider between the urinals or the sink, and the guys at the urinal are totally visible from the doorway. There I stood wearing my sunglassess, helmet, and cycling outfit trying to fish out Junior and put him to work. Seconds after I start to pee, in walks a 8 - 9 yr. old boy with his mother. The boy stopped just inside the doorway and looked at me peeing. I really had to go and I would have made a horse proud. I glanced over at them and nodded. She tells him in Spanish to go pee. He steps up to the urinal next to me and pees. Meanwhile, mom is leaning on the sink standing next to her son getting a great view of me taking a much needed p1ss. I loved that she was checking me out while I was peeing. Her son finished before I did. She backed up to the wall still facing us and told the boy to wash his hands. I shot about 15 final bursts of pee before I put Junior back in my cycling shorts. It sounded really cool the way it stopped and started. Mom enjoyed it and watched me walk over to the sink. I gave her a short smile, and she smiled back. She told the boy "Let's go!" and they left. <br />
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I've peed in a porcelain urinal in front of women before, and it's usually silent. This was the first time that I peed in front of a woman where she could hear my pee stream hit the water while watching me pee. I really liked the experience. Some men get bummed if women or girls enter the mens room. I don't mind if the women don't. And if they do, then don't come in!

I didn't think about it at the time. The older of the girls was probably about 15, but trying to dress as if she was 25. Makeup, tight pants, low-cut shirt, etc. The younger was about 13, and was dressing as a 13-year-old. Jeans and a T-shirt. At first I only saw the older girl. It was only when they started talking that I realized that she was only a few years older than her sister. I didn’t think about their age until I had left the bathroom.<br />
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I was most surprised at how they acted. I would have thought they would have left as quickly as possible, or at least tried to avoid me (or at least looking at me) when using the sink.<br />
Now, if it had been the opposite, I don’t think they would have wanted me to watch them pee. Of course, looking at the stories on this site, nothing surprises me.