A Very Drunk Girl In The Men's Bathroom

When I was in college (and the drinking age was 18), we went over to a party in a freshman dorm.  The building was a World War II vintage concrete building shaped as an “L”.  There were dorm rooms up and down the hall, and a large, barracks style bathroom at the bend in the “L”.  There were no women’s bathrooms in this all-male dorm, but I did not know that when I arrived at the party.

The only place to set up the keg was in the bathroom.  The keg was set in the middle, near a row of sinks.  There were two partial walls.  On the left side, there were showers.  On the right, there were urinals and bathroom stalls.

The urinals were huge and extended to the floor.  You had to stand almost one foot back to use them, or you would be stepping in them.  The doors on some of the stalls were missing.  Even with the doors, the stalls offered only limited privacy.  When sitting down, the walls were only a little bit above your head.  When you stood up, you had a clear view of the person sitting in the next stall.

At first, I was a little reluctant to enter the men’s room to get beer.  But, I saw that other girls were getting beer, and soon was drinking.  OK, I was having fun, but about an hour later, I really needed to pee.  I asked where the woman’s room was located, and was soon advised to use the stalls.  I waited about five minutes, then decided to go to a stall.

As I started to walk to the stall, I was at first a little calmed by the site of guys and girls talking in a group.  Then, what a surprise!  I almost walked into a guy peeing.  I had seen penises before, but never unexpectedly like this.  I started to stare a little, and almost walked into him.  In a strange (and on reflection, sick) sort of way, I was turned on by this accidental encounter with a penis.  I even thought that it would be nice to touch it, but I knew I wanted no part of any sex with this stranger.  I composed myself and walked toward a stall.

I entered the stall, and discovered the low wall.  I thought, OK, what are the chances of a guy walking into the next stall.  As soon as I pulled down my pants and underwear, I discovered that the chances were very good.  A guy entered the adjoining stall, and started to unzip.  I, who are never at a loss for words, had no idea what to say.  I decided to pee.

So, here I am, my vagina area fully exposed, looking at this guy peeing next to me.  For his part, he could not take his eyes off my vagina, so I decided to return the favor and look at his penis.  He soon stopped, and I am sure his penis was much more erect when he finished than when he started.  Eventually, we both left without saying a word.

I used the bathroom twice more, alone.  Each time, I encountered several guys peeing in the urinals.  But I was used to this.  Unfortunately, the toilets began to become messy and unusable.  There was only one toilet left with a door.

Well more beer, and the inhibitions drop.  I was standing chatting, and a girl walked over and noticed that the only working toilet had no door.  She said loudly, “I am not going to use a toilet without a door”.  She then walked over to the urinal, removed her pants and underwear, and was trying to figure out how to use it.  She walked over to a guy peeing, and asked him for help.  Eventually, I guess she figured it out.  At the end, she was upset over the lack of toilet paper.  Apparently, she was a trendsetter.  Other girls followed her lead in using the urinal.

I was not going to be humiliated using a urinal.  Instead, I chose to use a toilet with a missing door.  I was drunk enough not to really care, so I walked over in full view of some guys talking, and began using the facilities.  I said something to them that I did not recall.

A few minutes later, I decided to leave the party.  I went home, and was sick the next day.  I could not believe that I had acted that way.  That is the last time I drank so much beer.

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1 Response Mar 18, 2010

Yea, alcohol is not allowed in the dorms any more. Guess what. It is still there. Bathrooms are coed, but if a man enters when a woman is in the bathroom and says anything, he is referred for counseling. It is OK for men and women to walk around almost naked, but if someone is offended by it they can complain to the school authorities. It is legal for a woman to go topless at a beach, but if her cleavage is showing and someone doesn't like that in the school library, they can file a complaint.<br />
<br />
I hope you did well in college after that incident. Your story is enough to remind me never to be too drunk.