This Happened A While Ago

when i was 18 i had a "best" friend who i had known since i was about 9 years old. i considered her as such because of the amount of time i had known her, about half of my life. she was only 16, and very...."developed" if you know what i mean.

because of said "developments" she was also very slutty. she would sleep with pretty much anyone who looked at her, and loved the fact that everyone thought she was so "innocent" because of her big blue eyes and baby face.

this was very hard on me to say the least, as i was not as large in the breast area, and a little bit shy. i started to dress more provocatively, hoping to at least distract some attention..but it never worked.

we would go out to places like coffee shops and such, and since i was the one with a car she'd get a ride with me. pretty much every night, she would ditch out and go home with some guy, sometimes as old as 35. i was worried, but annoyed at the same time.

to top it off, anytime i told her i had a crush on anyone, she would go and sleep with them and then tell me about it....

so, one day, i realized that i had had enough of the crap she was pulling, and told her straight up that i didn't want to be a part of it anymore. she got mad and said i wasn't a true friend and i didn't support her...i was shocked, as in a way i felt that i was looking out for her safety (though in retrospective, i wish i had done more)...anyways, we stopped talking after that and the last i heard, she was out in LA, on a lot of drugs and sleeping with anyone who could get them for her...

makes me sad...

quietrocket quietrocket
22-25, F
Dec 17, 2006