19 And Need Help With Possible Endo

Hi, I am 19 and may have endometriosis. A brief overview of my past.

When I was nine I started gatting a strange and EXTREME pain in my right side. Nothing helped, nothing but narcotics. I hit puberty when i was eleven and the pain got worse. At that time of course I was also getting cramps but I could tell them apart.
When I was 15/16 was the first time the pain got so bad I went to the ER. They told me it was growing pains. Ever since then I have been in and out of ERs and on and off narcotic pain killers to deal with the pain.

In 2008 I had my gallbladder removed for it with a laproscopic surgery. It helped the pain for a while but when it came back a few months later it came back full force. I have gone back to the pattern of ER visits and pill popping. (And that has been bothering me a whole lot too... but thats another story) But a couple days ago I went to the ER again, this time instead of not being able to tell me anything, my doctor told me I had Pelvic Inflamatory Desies (sorry about the mis-spelling.) And sent off samples to be tested for Chlymidia and Ghonorea. (wow I am bad at that...)

My boyfriend of four years and I sat down to do reasearch to see what could have caused it since neither of us have been cheating (or with anyone else). We came to several different conclusions, mainly its just a freak occourance. Wierd but not unheard of.

We also discovered that something he had been saying for a while might be true. That I could have endometriosis. All the mis-diagnosises, the pain and the fact that it can start (though very rarely) before a girl hits puberty. But still all speculation.

So that is my history, and I need help. Not only am I afraid of having it, also how am I to treat it, I cant take horomonal birthcontrole due to a severe chemical imbalance in my head. And I have no income or insurance to talk to a doctor that isnt in the ER to which I am already MASSIVELY indebt. Can anyone help me? Is it even likely that I have Endo? If I do what next? What do i do, where do I go and how does this effect my boyfriend?

Thank you so much for reading this.
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18-21, F
Jul 13, 2010