Still In Pain

i am 41yr .yes i have endometriosis for 21yrs but not after a alot fo doctors telling me that it is normal or that the pain is all in my head. finlely found a doctor  (i was 20 at the time) that took me seriously and sugested to do a laperotimy (sorry cant spell).and found endometriosis and then lasered it out felt fine for a little while then the pain came back but the doctor left the office so now i had to find another doctor when i did he did another lap. and found more and lasered it out. again was good for a little while went back to the doc.he told me that he got all of the endometrisis and that i was just having phontom pain. i did not beleve him so i found another doctor and had another lap. and found more endometrisis again the pain came back had 6 laps all together and the last one was a tolal hystorectomy with both overis out. and i am still in pain i gave up no doctor believes me that i still hurt. thay say that because i had a hystorectomy that i shouldnt hurt because there is nothing there to hurt. i am about to give up i can not take the pain and no one beleiving me! my boyfriend of 21yrs is geting tired of me not wanting to do anything (because of pain) he a active person and want to do things. i gave up going to doctors they cant help so the last time i went to a doctor was about 15yrs ago.
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I am so sorry that you have been in pain for so long and have found no one that can help in giving you relief. I know that most of the time it's hard to believe but life does not give us anything that we cannot handle and those of us that suffer from endo and just women a little stronger than the rest. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will find relief from the pain that you have suffered from for so long.

I feel sooooooo bad for you. there should be no reason for all that trouble. i luckily found an OBGYN when i was going on 23 and now i am 30 and has been GREAT in helping me. as for still being in pain i would suggest seeing an a scary thought but maybe it's more then the endometriosis bothering you. one thing i had found helped for about 6 years is a double dose of the birth control shot Depoprovera(sp?). i got off the shot 2 years ago and now that i am starting to get my period back the pain is coming back, which is awful but i deal every month. unfortunately i don't get anything stronger to take besides Anaprox...aka naproxen sodium 500mg. well anyways i hope you can find someone that will help with your pain as it is not fair for us to suffer with the pain of endometriosis and not have the support of a GYN.

Sorry to hear about the crazy doctors you ve seen. Ive had dr say similar thingd to me. Hope everything works out for u