It's Been The Longest Year Of My Life

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for a little over a year now and have been bleeding non stop for the same amount of time. Waking up on the heavier days of it to rush to the bathroom or to find I'm too late makes me incredibly upset. I'm 26 and have no social life outside of going to school to try and finish my degree. Endo is effecting far too much of my life and I'm tired of it. I can't workout on a regular basis which is mandatory to keep my high blood pressure at bay and on top of that I've gained weight making it worse. The extreme back pain keeps me from even walking or standing for long enough to clean around my house. To really make my story worse I have no medical insurance and have to go to a county clinic who barely help me manage my blood pressure let alone my constant bleeding and pain. Will there ever be an escape for me....the thoughts of having a hysterectomy before I'm 30 is the scariest thing to me but I can't even have a love life with this disease. 
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3 Responses Feb 3, 2012

i should also say that the meds im currently on i can get a box of 100 panamax for 3 dollars and a box of ibuprofen like 12 dollars.. cheap as chips.. but other meds were very expensive.

Hey there.. i know exactly where your coming from. Im 23 and just been diagnosed. Had bad period pain for yrs but last august was when it hit hard and since them iv been in pain every day. I have stopped my periods with a thing called primutet. Its straight progesterone. I tried a couple of pills and i kept getting my period even tho i wasnt taking sugar pills! It has a few different hormones in it where as the one im taking now only has progesterone. It has helped. You need to stop the periods becase the more you have them the worse your endo will get with the adhesions. Im the same when it comes to pain. Even tho my periods have stopped the pain is constantly there and alot of the time unbarable. My social life has been nearly none.. I cant plan things because of the unknown. I totally understand about the walking or standing for to long. im from austrailia so not sure how you medical things work. but i have no private health care. I have seen a gynicologist and im going through public system and on a waiting list to get scope and surgery. I couldnt afford to pay for it and if i payed for private it would take longer to come through then public. meds are expensive. im on panamax ( paracetamol) 2 tablets 8 times a day- and ibuprofen 2 tablets 6 times a day.. and when pain is worse i also take endone -5mg oxycodone. i have tried alot of pain med and these seem to be better. although ive had a bad week i did manage to get 2 wks of almost pain free and was able to function. So maybe try to get onto some of these.. but def get something to stop your periods! everyone is different so keep trying to see what works best for you.<br />
Good luck and keep your chin up and spirits high thats all we can do to keep going through this nightmare. x

I know how you feel and I am so sorry you have to go threw this. I have had endo since I was 17 and am now 24. Treatments that I have found that help most are lupron injections and a birth control that is called implannon it stoped my periods, but didnt have the same side effects as lupron injections. It took 3 months to start working but I had mine for a year had less pain. They are suppose to last three years, but the down fall is they are every expensive. I think the main thing is to keep trying different birthcontrols until you find one that works for you I have gone threw 7 different kinds and found out as long as you keep taking the activie pills and never stop them even to have a period helps to a point. Then pain pills are a girls best friend with endo. And as everyone does say diet is a big key. I had the hardest time with this because of my sweet tooth, but it helped so much taking away sweets, dairy, red meats and limiting gluten products. Thermal care wraps for cramps also helped me expecially when working out which sounds wierd to wear one while working out but the heat does help. I hope some of these tips help. Good luck.