Your Endo Symptoms

To all of you who have had an endometriosis diagnosis, what are your symptoms?

I know we are all different, and may have different symptoms.

I had a laparoscopy and endometriosis wasn't found.  I don't blame the doc cause I think he did a great job but I believe I have it.

I seem to have all the signs or symptoms and this pain is driving me up the walls.  What are your symptoms if you'd like to share?
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2012

The transvaginal ultrasound may not see it, so dont go by that alone. What did they recommend after the lapro?? Ive had pain for years. Swollen abdomen constantly, killer cramps, ccontant backache, constant bleeding, painful bowel movements constipation/diarrea. but it can be anywhere so the symtoms vary so widely! Keep pushing yill you find answers. We know when its not normal! Dont let them make you feel like youre over reacting!

You're right, a transvaginal alone may not see the endo. I had the lap and was told I do not have endo. (it may or may not be). When I had the lap is cause I was trying to conceive without luck and the endo wasn't found and I was referred for IVF which never took place. I miscarried last year and another time a long time ago. Like you said: We know when its not normal! Dont let them make you feel like youre over reacting! I have to agree at 100%, we know our bodies and we know when it isn't normal. I have been dying with pain every since I can remember and I guess no one took it seriously. A person doesn't complain for no reason.

Have you had a transvaginal ultrasound? I had all the symptoms of it (Extreme pelvic pain,worse during menstruation,frequent urination,backache etc) do you have children? I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. An ultrasound showed an endometrioma on my ovary. Blood tests will also show if you are ovulating as endometriosis can lead to anovulation

I had a few transvaginal. I have the same symptoms as you too. No children / miscarriages yes. I never had a blood test done for ovulation but I heard of this. There's no doubt I ovulate every month, I feel it. Baby dust to you.

Hi there :) my symptoms are.. leg pain (aching) , pelvic pain and lower back pain, a throbbing on both my sides near the back, very painful sex, frequent urination, fatigue and killer periods. i just had a lap to.. they found some on my bladder and uterus. weird that they didnt find anything.. but endo mocks alot of different illnesses...dont give up..ull get to the bottom of it.. it took almost 4 years for me to find out what was wrong! and i still dont know completely. goodluck though! i wish u the best

We basically have the same symptoms. Thanks for your feedback. :)