Auntty1my Body Is My Living Hell

I am so sick and tired and full of pain from my stomach to my feet.I have had my last surgery ever (i HOPE ). My last endo surgery was in 2008 and I didn 't feel any releif,he also took a fibroid out vaginally, which grew back 5 weeks later. That surgery ruined my life and my husbands. This is my first time talking to others who can relate. We feel alone in this battle. all we have right now is each other.I LOVE my husband dearly, he is my best friend, my CARETAKER, he is my world.I would like to share with you a poem my husband wrote in the middle of the night,probably something he had to get off his mind after the surgery. by my husbands poem So many good intentions So few followed through.I have to ask myself have I been guilty ,too. we all ask how are you doing, but pray you answer well. Dowe want the truth, your body is your hell. Everyone has a solution, something new to try. Be positve and help yourself never question wht.We went across the country to try to stop the hurt.Things didn't work out so good but they made us feel like dirt.They were offended, Kate said i was unfair. Didn't we read their website it says how much they care.We should have listened to our gut but it was too late. Your spirit had been crushed mine was full of hate We hid in different places, but they each took their toll. Emptiness Filled our eyes where we once saw each others Soul. As time passed our love kept us somewhat sane.It's all I could give, I could not stop your pain. Our union had made a baby , even though there was no birth. My heart beleives it met our Papa when he left this earth. One day God will unite us, but please wait patiently. We have things to live for like our Willow Bee. A special person who brings new hopes and dreams. Feelings so sincere, exactly what she seems. Her Tt is my Christin, My other half, my friend. by Auntty1's husband. This Poem was written after my surgery in Oregon and receiving no relief at all the pain had been killing me physically and mentally. We were made for each other Soulmates. I have the best husband for me and he ihas become my caregiver when he's not working 3 12 hr shifts. Then I am trully alone. He deserves so much better,and so do I unfortunately like everyone says You 've got to play the hand you were Dealt! I hope all of you out there have at least one person you can count on.
auntty1 auntty1
31-35, F
May 23, 2012