Diagnosed With Endo Last Year

I was diagnosed with endo last year after having a vaginal ultrasound and then a week later laprascopic surgery done. My doctor told my parents that I have stage 4 endo and no chance of having anymore children. She wanted me on Lupron right then but I said NO! I had done some research on it and felt it would not help me but hurt me more. I started on constant birth control pills which didn't do anything but cause the pain to worsen and breakthrough bleeding. I finally  moved back to my home state of Virginia the end of last summer and went back to my old ob/gyn. She pushed the Lupron again and this time I said yes. I figured what the heck. It's got to be worth at least trying to see if it helps at all. I had my first injection last Friday 4/20/07 and today I woke up gushing blood, passing huge clots and cramping really bad. The thing is, I just finished my period last week and the nurse told me that I wouldn't have a period again until next month since I got my shot after I stopped my period. I'm 25, a single mom and living with my parents. I have begged my doctor to perform a hysterectomy to remove not only my uterus but also my ovaries. She won't do it because of my age. She told me that the Lupron will prepare my body for a hysterectomy in 20 years. YEAH RIGHT! Like I'm willing to wait that long. I'm not sure what to do. Over the counter pain pills do nothing for my pain. I live off of Demoral or Percocet every single month for at least 2 weeks at a time just to dull the pain enough for me to get out of bed and get to work. This disease sucks and i wish there was something else that I could do. I have called and left a mesage for my doctor's nurse to call me back in regards to the bleeding and clots I'm passing. Hopefully she will have some good answers for me.
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get a medtronic pump for pain ....endo never goes away

GET OFF THE LUPRON!!! i did it for 10 months to try and prevent a hyst. it was the worst decision of my life.<br />
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i made me severely photosensitive and it "shorted out" my central nervous system. i feel like i have bugs crawling on me, i have needle like stabs at me - with nothing there, etc... <br />
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i cant stress it enough - get off the lupron!!!<br />
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my sister also tried it - same results!