Endometriosis And My Husband.

Ok, now I need to share on how this is affecting my relationship w my husband. He is a good man. Infact, he took off work while I had my Laposcopy and even got to see pics of my Endometriosis on my ovaries. I didn't even get to see them yet. He said after seeing the pics he understands why i am in so much pain. I don't think he understood til then. I think he thought I was exaggerating the pain. Anyways, lately, our sex life sucks. The last 6 months has been so painful for me I never wanna have sex anymore and if I do I have to make him stop cause it hurts to bad. Sex sucks anymore. I feel like it is tearing us apart. I know that he loves me regardless but I still have a fear he is going to leave me for someone who can have painless sex. Gosh, I sure hope this laposcopy burning works. Endometriosis is making life so hard. He promises that he would never leave me over this and blah blah. But, I'm still scared about it. I just don't feel like any of it is fair. And what causes Endometriosis anyways? Know one even knows!! I am so angry!
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Awww. I understand. Luckily my husband is patient as well. It sounds like your husband loves you a lot and will be as patient as he needs to be. Personal...I've had to kind of teach my husband that if we are going to be intimate then certain things have to be a certain way. Communication is the key! Yes its frustrating, but just let him know you are trying your best. I just posted about my story but I don't know where it went (im new here). But endometriosis is an autoimmune disorder. There are many things that can trigger an autoimmune response in our bodys that can cause inflammation and hormone imbalances. Research food allergies and autoimmune. Sugar is also a big factor. Also, I found that exercise helps a great deal. Stay positive!

My Dr has a theory that it is caused by high estrogen and low progesterone. Have your doctors checked your hormone levels? I have super high estrogen and produce no progesterone. I have to use an RX progesterone cream. Hope this info helps.