My Ongoing Battle With Endometriosis...

I have been dealing with Endometriosis for a long time, and not sure why it continues to haunt me like a plague. It started when I was 14 years old, I have had numerous surgeries due to the chocolate cysts that dance in and out of my ovaries. Finally, I had a child when I was 30 years old, he was not even 1 yrs. old and I had to have a complete hyster. due to the starting of cancer on my ovaries. I thought then my battle would be over.....The pain started up again, went to the doctors and had some more cysts...I was like, HOW THE HELL DO I HAVE CYSTS WHEN I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING IN THERE?????? They told me now on top of battling with Endo and Chronic Pelvic Pain. I have what is called, Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. My life has been constant pain and a battle that I loose most of the time. I don't get it, I have had over 12 surgeries and that does not even include tonsils or my appendix out. I am 38yrs. old now and still battling with Endo and all of it friends that come along with it. I may have to have another surgery due to the pain and possible Endo moving down my left leg, which cause extreme pain. Hard to walk and sit for long periods of time. I am a fighter and I refuse to let this disease control my life, even though most of the time it does. I keep thinking that God does not give you more than you can handle and what does not kill you makes you stronger.....Thanks to Kelly favorite song is,"What does not kill you makes you stronger" I just gave you an overview cause there is not enough time or space to type everything, it would be a book by the time I get

I just want all my Endo Sisters to know, that I feel for all of you out there that have to lay in bed in a fetal position, or whatever position that is comfortable to you while dealing with this PAINFUL DISEASE! I hate that we have to go through this. One day, hopfully a cure will come....
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Thanks for sharing your story, Lady D. I was diagnosed last week and this website was the first site i found when i began my search to look for online support. Your story was the first i read and well, this stuff is scary...
i just thought i had bad period craps and that the weird feeling in my ovary area was some sort of scar tissue remnant from a ruptured cyst i had in my ovary. the weird feeling got painful a few months ago and after many doctors, one of them took me into surgery for a laparoscopy to see what was happening and ended up taking out my appendix (because it was leaning into my right ovary) and removing endometriosis growths (or whatever it's called) from my left ovary. i was told that i'd be fine in a couple of days, but i still have trouble walking and feel wiped out after a few measly blocks. i used to be the fastest girl! it's a big change and i'm still not sure how what to think about it. very depressing...i was so normal before i had the surgery (apart from the weird feeling and pain after exercise).

I don't have the extreme pain that you describe, it's more of a dull pain, but i do feel it running down my leg. massive doses of ibuprofen help me a lot.

my doctor told me that if i want to have kids i need to start right away. i haven't talked to her since the surgery, but i hope it's normal that i have a lot of trouble walking a week after the surgery. i haven't read up on this because i really just don't wanna know more about the scary stuff, but a friend told me that they remove the uterus to avoid the cancer. aunt died of ovarian cancer when she was in her early 40s..i wonder if she had this.....i really want to have kids with my hubby.

Hi Auleen, I want to start off by saying, thank you for sharing your story with me. I know it is hard and very scary but the more you educate yourself about Endo, the better you will be. It is a disease that causes infertility, they say to hurry up and get pregnant, it took my husband and I 10 years, everyone is different so do not get discouraged. I have been where you are, I had a baby and a complete hysterectomy and my Endo is still there. Every case is different, the only thing in common is the pain and some ways you can relief it! I am hear if you need questions answered, if you feel like you are alone, whatever you need. I did alot of my stuff by myself, my husband was with me, but friends and family sometimes do not understand, one minute you are up and the next minute you are down....welcome to Endometriosis!!! I hope you are with a doctor that specializes in Endo, because your doctor is going to need to know how Endo works. Don't let anyone or doctor tell you it is all in your head because it is NOT!!! I am so sorry you are in the pain you are in. It is natural to be depressed, mad, upset, frustrated and confused. The only thing that I can tell you that has helped me is a heating pad, meds and praying. I do alot of that when I am in pain. If you want a baby, do not give up! This disease is really frustrating but you just fight! If you need a friend, I am here, I know how you feel. It has taken me along time to wrap my mind around this disease and living with it....I feel like it has robbed my life, but I am studying about it and reaching out to other women who have the disease. It is comforting to know that you are not alone. Thank you again for reading my story and I hope it has comforted you. I know it is scary but I am here, we don't have to be alone, we have each other! Stay strong my Endo Sister! Hugs, kisses and good thoughts your way!

wow thanks for posting this gives idea of what could happen, i have had it for about same time and have changed dr to much for i dont think they even have a clue. hugs thank you