i,ve been suffering with endometriosis now for over 20 years i,ve never know pain like it ive been in and out of hospital over the years having endo remove but it always grow back had injections as well but you can only have them for 6 months at a time but in the last 11 months
the pain is getting a lot worse and im bleeding now every other week which is makeing me feel
very ill at the moment my gp has signed me off work at the moment and told me i,ve got to rest
im not getting much sleep because of the pain and bleeding but there is light at the end of the tunnel i went to see a doctor at hospital last week and they are going to give me a hysterectomy now but i,ve got to wait untill the 6 of feb 2013 i would like to know if other lady have had a hysterectomy and was it ok after because i,ve read online that the endo can still
grow back afterward because this is only what i can have done now because my endo is very bad now that why im bleeding a lot of the time because before i was only bleeding once a month but now it changed to every other week so any help from other lady would be very helpful to me thanks a lot
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Hi! I'm brand new here and this is my very first post! I'd like to say that I am very sorry for your suffering. I know first hand how bad the pain can be and how hard it is to deal with emotionally. Your post really stood out to me because we are so similar! I was diagnosed with endo 15 years ago and suffered for a very long time before any doctors would listen to me or try to figure out what was wrong. I've had 8 laparoscopic surgeries one was a hysterectomy last year. I wish I could tell you that it fixes me, but it didn't. I do think it helped and I'm hopeful that after a while any endo left will dry up. I'm still having pain almost every day but I did have a lot of relief. I don't regret it because thee do had grown into the muscle of my uterus and I had several fibroids. I hope you find the relief you are searching for! Good luck!!!