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I am 25 years old and have just undergone my second laparoscopy procedure in four years.  The first time I had surgery in order to remove a 6cm chocolate cyst and a small amount of endo.  Immediately after I had terrible acne and hormonal imbalances.  I started a low dose bc pill and everything was fine for about a year until I because insulin resistant and began to put on weight (both water and fat) like crazy.  I went from 110 to 135 in a month and the acne came back.  I stopped taking the birth control and had no sign of menstruation for about 6 months.  I had terible acne, excess hair growth on my face and a constantly rounded chubby face.  I started the birth control again and over six months went from the highest to the lowest doses trying to become regular.  I spotted nearly every day during this time and had a constant swollen ovary.  Again I stopped all treatment and had no menstruation for another six months which brings me up to my second laparoscopy.  The doctor thought I was a pcos patient but said I wasn't the typical patient because I was able to conrtol my weight--however I was only able to do this by eating barely any carbs, taking a daily .75 triamterene diuretic, and exercising my butt off daily.  It has been miserable but it works.  Anyway after the surgery I was informed that my previous doc had used staples to repair my ovary which I was completely unaware of and that is why I have been in so much pain.  There was alot of endo this time but what concerned me was that I had no knowledge of these seven staples (two of which were so deeply embedded she couldn't remove them).  Has anyone else had anything like this?  I feel like my complications were made worse by the staples but can't find any info about it.  I am scheduled to see my new doc in a week where I plan to inquire about a potential malpractice suit for the doctor who didn't tell me about the staples.  Even more strange is that the photos that were taken of the first surgery show NO sign of anything metal (thank god I held on to them) and if I had known they were the cause of my pain I could have just had them removed before trying every hormone known to man!  I also started progesterone before my surgery with no sign of a period.  After the surgery I still have had zero bleeding--hormone levels are fine, uterine lining isn't building up and I have no bad side effects, no acne or weight gain, just a complete blackout of my reproductive system.  I was also prescribed glucophage because I asked for it in order to have some lineancy on my diet. Also, I do not have PCOS... Oh my gosh help... I am a mess!
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You need specialist your doctors are only making it worse till finally when you do get help it'll be to late your body will have adapted to treatment and hopefully it won't result in more medical issues I wish you very much luck