Living With And Treating Endometriosis

One night in 1996, after a date, I arrived home with terrible shooting pains in my abdominal, pains that were so overwhelming I couldn’t sit up, my date had to take me the hospital and of course my father was arrived scared to death I was pregnant. The doctor performed a vaginal examine and determined that I had a “tampon infection” and I was released and an appointment with an OB GYN was made. I explained my excruciating shooting pains and how I often got them even when I wasn’t having my menstrual cycle. He explained to me that this was normal pain. For the next year I spent many agonizing days and nights, crying because of these terrible pains. Finally, I went to see an OB GYN of a friend and I was explained that I might have endometriosis. This is where my story begins.

 As I sat in the doctors off ice and was told that I indeed might have endometriosis and would have to have surgery, at the age of 18 I was scared to death! I wasn’t sure the other questions to ask.

On a cold day in December 1999, I was admitted to the hospital to have a Laparoscopy and a Dilatation and Curettage (DandC) administrated. I wasn’t sure what all this meant, all I hoped for was that it would stop this horrifying pain (that many (almost 10) doctors had told was “normal”).  After I recovered and was returned to my hospital room,  my OB GYN came in and showed me the pictures that they had taken during surgery and informed me I did have endometriosis and that it covered all female organs, uterus, ovaries, was on my bladder and on my colon. He said during the procedure it was all removed and I should be fine. Little did I know this stuff can return! No one told me!

For the next 2 years I experienced the same kind of pain, but this time I knew what it was. Only a few times did I have to go to the ER for major discomfort (as doctors call it). I call it tremendous pain! Since I was in the military I moved around a lot and had to see various doctors. From 1999-2002 I saw nearly 20 doctors, most who told me “it was normal”, or “there was nothing physically wrong with me”. I would just cry and cry and even got to the point where I did not want to see any doctors…they didn’t believe me anyway so what was the point!

I moved to Virginia in August of 2002 and this time had a major flair up. I went to the local Patient First (a walk in medical center) and they sent me to the most wonderful OB/GYN in the world! Dr. Jones! What a life saver. The day I met him was the day that changed my life forever.

Every Pap smear I had was so painful that I cried and cried during each procedure. On this September day in 2002 I saw his nurse practioner. She performed the Pap smear, I cried and she said yep, endometriosis has flared up (amazing she could feel the swelling). She was going to prescribe me Depo Lupron Shot and explained the side effects (basically menopausal like symptoms and would give me hormnal pills to help balance it out). I was to take the shot every 3 months and it would help minimize my endo.

My first shot was day. I was doing fine. I did use the hormonal pills and it helped keep everything at bay. The second shot was given in December 2002 and still no terrible side effects. When I went for my shot in March 2003, he said he didn’t want to keep me on the Luporn shot so I was switched to the Depro Provera birth control shot, injected every 3 months.

About 2 weeks into the shot I started to feel some mild changes in my moods. By May, I was severally depressed. I cried and cried for no reason at all. I would call my doctor’s office, fax him, and the receptionist wasn’t giving my messages. On day I rode up there crying hysterically, the receptionist asked me if I was o.k. and I went off…I screamed “do I look o.k.? I have been like this for 2 weeks and I NEED TO SEE THE DOCTOR!!! Dr. Jones happened to be walking by, came to me and hugged me; he said “we’ll get this taken care of.” He prescribed me some Prozac and in about 7 days I felt like myself again.

I had my last shot in September 2003. Dr. Jones explained to me that if I wanted to have children I needed to start right away, that from his suspicions I had about a 2 year window frame to conceive before my endometriosis flared up even worse this 3rd time.  I was getting married in July 2004 and we wanted to start trying right away for children.

I was scared about getting married, not that my marriage would fail, but that I wouldn’t be able to have children and my husband would be throwing his life away with me. I have to say that Neal, my husband, is an amazing man. We had only been dating 3 months when my endo flared up in 2002 and he stood by me through it all. Proposed to me, married me, and yes, on August 11, 2005 I gave birth to our healthy 8 lb 2 oz little boy!

At my OB appointment in October 2004 I told Dr. Jones we were trying to have a baby. He told me some things to do, and said that if in 6 months were weren’t pregnant to come back and some test would be completed. On December 16, 2004 I didn’t feel to well at work, stopped by the store “just in case” bought a test, and went home took it and WOW! WE WERE PREGANT! I went and saw Dr. Jones on December 22, and he was just as shocked and thrilled as we were!

Our son is 7 months old now and I thank GOD everyday for sending me to Virginia, not only for my wonderful husband, but for an amazing doctor who knew what to do to help my biggest fear became a thing of the past! I am now a mother and loving it!



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Thank You for your story. After your children do you still have pain? or still suffer from endometriosis?

So happy for you, I share the same pains, going to the ER going to see different doctors, and no one having an answer for you. I came to the point I didn't even care, just wanted something done for the pain, but of course they kept prescribing cramping medication that did absolutely nothing..... Very happy for you, hopefully it doesn't come back.

I loved reading this story , im so happy you were able to become a mum , I'm quite lucky that endometriosis has not affected my fertility yet n I've been able to have my children think I would of been devistated if I could not be a mother , I'm new to this condition and would love tips on how to manage this with out pills :)

thanks for sharing i wish you good luck

Thanks for sharing your story! It has given me hope that I can one day have children! I wish my husband had hope, he blames me for not being able to have kids! saying I am not fertile. I wish my husband understood the pain we all have from this stupid endometriosis!!!

Congrats on your son! I hope you can continue seeing this doctor for a long time. He seems to get it, unlike most. Continue taking care of yourself, and I hope everything goes well.

i cried knowing that theres truly is hope of having a child one day . its not hopeless and despite the horrible illness we have to live with that we are capable of doing what doctors say might not be able to happen thank u for the hope <3

Thanks for sharing your story. I just had my first flare up followed by exploratory surgery and was diagnosed, and I know how terrible that feeling is.<br />
I am also newly married, your story has been incredibly reassuring to me because my life goal is to be a mom and I can find anywhere I look about endo is that it causes infertility.<br />
Best of luck to you in the future.

Im so happy tha everthing worked out for you. andknow you have a beautiful child to show for it. thanks for sharing its nice o know thre are positive stories out there too. it gets very discouraging day to day for me, trying to find an answer.

I am 20 and suffering from endo, your story is very difficult but it gives me hope. Thank you for sharing.

Tough story to read thx for sharing it. You have a good guy who I imagine will stick with you through thick and thin.