Endometriosis, Trying Traditional Chinese Medicine Now

I had a bad stomache since Feb, in the begining I thought it was diarrhea. But it last 2 weeks, so I went to the hospital and find out there is a chocolate cyst. After ran to few hospitals, I was told I am having endometriosis. Some doctors suggets me have the operation ASAP, but after I checked the info about endometriosis , I decided not to. Because what if it recur again? And I was very luck that a friend of mine had the same problem and he had the surgery already, but afterwards she heard some doctor use traditional medicine can do better. I got the doctor's name and contact detail from her, and now is using the traditional medicine. By the way, mine hurts A LOT, it last abt 20 days since the period starts, I also had bad stamoache during period and had fever, can barely move during the 3 days. `and after that the stamoache hurts a lot as well. Can not eat, can not sleep.....terrible, really. I had taken the traditional medicine for 40 days, the pain is getting a little bit better...let's see how it works. Traditional chinese medicine is always slow.... And also they give me something to deal with the cyst, which is hot medicine bag and cold medicine bag. i will go get checked and see if the cyst gets smaller. God bless us....
MissLing MissLing
26-30, F
Jun 14, 2007