Too Young

it all started after i had my little boy. it started with a pain in my side but it got worse. i had scans but the doctors said it was a werent till last november when my boy was 2 they took me in hospital and found out that i had endometriosis. i didnt have a clue what it was. i went back to see the doctor and he explained everything to me. i was so shocked even my mother was, i never forget what he said its still runs around my head i might not be able 2 have any more children.i have my days when thats all i think about is if dylan will have a brother or sister. im glad that i got him he might be the only one.i just finished my injections which the doctor put me on and i have to go back and see him to see what hes going to do next i keep you all informed and i will like to hear off you about you experiances.
taffy21 taffy21
22-25, F
Jul 4, 2007