Hey.  I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with Endometriosis in March of 2008.  I had laprascopy done and they removed endometrial tissue from a nerve on my left side.  They also removed a tumor from my uterus.  I have never had children......

I was so excited to have surgery because I had been having pain for several months and I just knew this would "fix" me.  The doctor assured me that he "got it all" and I wouldn't have any more problems.  I had been researching endo and told him that I was reading that it normally comes back.  He said I didn't have anything to worry about for at least 5 years, if ever.  Well, I was just so happy. 

I was pain free briefly before I started experiencing other symptoms.  I was completely dried out on my bottom and had started tearing and bleeding.  Intercourse was painful.  I kept going back to the doctor and they couldn't find any reason for my dryness.  I changed doctors and she did biopsies and put me on medication for menopausal women.  Nothing helped.  She finally told me she didn't know what else to do and sent me to a well known specialist.

The specialist decided I have a bladder disease called interstitial cystitis.  Apparently I have no lining in my bladder and the urine sets directly on the nerves.  He put me on Elmiron and this cleared up the dryness.

However, I have been having stomach problems too.  I am nauseas every single day and have pains in my stomach.  Meanwhile, I return for my yearly physical and my doctor didn't do anything but a routine exam.  I asked her why they didn't do an ultrasound and she said endo doesn't show an ultrasound.  BUT this is how they saw I had a problem in the first place. 

I have been seen by a liver and digestive specialist and they found inflammation in my colon and upper intestines.  I returned to have a capsule endoscopy and will get the results this Wednesday.

I had never been sick until I got endo.  Now I am being diagnosed with all this crap and I think it must all be from the endo.  I wonder if I will ever get pregnant or carry a child.  I can't imagine never being a mommy.

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I have just joined this site and i cant believe the amount of women that are suffering with this, I have been suffering for 6 years with the tremendous pains of endometriosis although i only just got the diagnosis and i am booked in for alaparascopy on tuesday next week. Fortunately for me, unlike many other women with endo i have been blessed with two beautiful boys who re now 5 and 3, however it is affecting my fertility now becasue i cant seem to keep my pregnancy safe and keep miscarrying. <br />
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I have had lots of different doctors tell me that i am ok and nothing is wrong but i have been very patient and insistent that they do all the relative checks for endo. My only concern now is of endometrial cancer, has any other woman here been diagnosed with endometrial cancer from the masses removed?<br />
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love to all<br />

good luck. i know how difficult it is to want to have children and not know if you will ever have them. i don't have your problems but my hubby and i have been trying to get prego and we have been having lots of trouble. i wish you the best of luck...and lots of baby dust!

good luck...i had my surgery on friday. i wasnt told i will be pain free forever..but for a time anyway. im 23...and ive had it since i was 18. now that i they took it all out finally, im going to the naturalpath way. i wish you so much luck!!