Do You Think It's Genetic?

  1. My sister is sterile from it too.  I talked once to a doctor that told me it was a genetic mutation from my father's side of the family and that is why my sister and I had Endometriosis and we were both sterile.  I don't know if that's true I have cousins that had children so I am doubtful of this doctor's opinion.
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My cousin had endometriosis and was told she'd never have kids. She had 4! All healthy.

joylovefaith. Thanks for the post. The doctor I talked to about it being genetic was a good friend but not my gyno. My gyno told me I had Endometriosis previously to my talking to my doctor friend that studies genetics. <br />
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I was sterilized due to having Endometriosis Stage 4. I seen a fertility doctor that viewed my chart and refered me back to my gyno at my husband's request. I later found out I was sterile since my first surgery and my husband concealed it. <br />
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I had just gotten a total hysterectomy this passed January.

Your dr sounds like an idiot. How do you know for a fact you have endometriosis? Did you already have surgery to say this is so, was it laporscopic and how much did they remove? If your cylces are painful did they offer you to try birth control for awhile or try you on Lupron shots? Not everyone is sterile from endometriosis, some people recover after children, some have children and then have to have a hysterectomy. Have you gone to another OBGYN for a second opinion? Go to to better understand endometriosis. I have had it and do have it once again and 3 surgeries.