Please help! Could someone clarify whether my symptoms could be endometriosis? I have been ill for over a year now and though many other conditions have been ruled out by my GP, a diagnosis of endometriosis has never been suggested.

It started about 18 months ago - I was already constantly tired, and had begun having pain with some light bleeding after sexual intercourse, when my period was about two weeks late. It was heavier than usual and more painful. At first I thought nothing of it until I continued to bleed for beyond a week. My GP checked me for STD's, pregnancy, infection, and performed a pelvic exam - all negative. They came to the conclusion that it was because I am overweight.

The bleeding continued for a total of 9 months. The bleeding was very, very heavy, and I was also in a lot of back pain. Sometime it was a continuous bleed, other times I would have no bleeding or light spotting when suddenly, following a burst of abdominal pain, a large blood clot followed by enough blood to immediately soak through a large pad would come out. The blood clots were the size of my palm.

After pestering my GP an ultrasound showed I had a large ovarian cyst (13cm), and a laparoscopy was arranged to remove it. Following surgery everything seemed fine and for about two months I had no symptoms. However, following my first period post-op, the same problems have re-occurred. I also have a new symptom - I am now experiencing intense abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding every time I have a bowel movement, even on days of lighter or periodic bleeding. This is especially problematic as I have irritable bowel syndrome and some days need to use the toilet frequently.

It seems that my GP has given up trying to find out what is wrong but some answers would really be appreciated as it is affecting my relationships, and university life.
NattieC NattieC
26-30, F
Aug 25, 2014