How the Govn't destroyed my life ( Like Endo Wasn't Enough)

On Labor Day of 2003 I dropped to the floor at work, rolling around in more pain then I had ever experienced in my life. I wish I could still say that but my three year fight with the military to DO SOMETHING was more painful then anything Endo ever threw my way. Dont get me wrong, the pain is still there (and worse then ever) but the "its all in your mind" attitude of the military is much harder to deal with. I had my first lap just a few weeks after the first time i was in pain, but they did not find anything at that time, except tons of scar tissue and adhesions. And because of that I was labeled a whiner, a trouble maker, a slacker and every other word that means I'm nuts or just weak. After a year of hearing these things I actually started to belive them and just ignored the pain, pretending like it wasnt there (even though in my heart I knew it was Endo from the first time it happened). Needless to say that idea didnt last long and I went on a crusade, finally winning the "right:" to have a 2nd lap and FINALLY get diagnosed w/endo and started Lupron injections which bough me some pain free months. My new goal in life is to expose the way the military treats it women. After 3 years of them sitting on their hands and doing NOTHING, not only do I have severe Endo, (with loads of scar tissue and adhesions to boot) I have now been diagnosed w/ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction andIC (i do not know how to spell this but its something like intercystital cystosis) basically cuts into the lining of my bladder.  I had been screaming for months that the pain was different (i was on the Lupron still) and no one would listen and (once again) I battled to see a urologist and (once again) I was right. I'm on the verge of getting thrown out because of having physical therapy 2x a week so i can get better. Like i dont have enough to worry about. At this point they are unsure if i can even have children anymore and I lay that issue at the feet of the US Government for refusing to help a "family" member that had left her own family, friends and LIFE in order to serve her country.

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I think the issue is probably more lack of education than anything else regarding endometriosis. Even as a civilian, I have been told I was drug-seeking when doctors could not figure out why I was in pain, or brushed off with "But that's rare". <br />
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Can't say I'm surprised though. Look at what the military does to anyone who tries to report sexual abuse in the military. And, I wouldn't think that the military has many gyns much less good ones.<br />
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Sorry you have to deal with it, but your diagnosis might have taken just as long as a civilian.

a medtroonic pump will deliver pain meds and help you live...

I have been in the military for over six years and I've had endometriosis longer; I have not had the bad experience anyone else has had - I actually have been under commands that take the time to care about and treat their soldiers well. I also have insurance that covered my excission surgery. So I guess I could say overall the military is not bad in all circumstances; just like various work places some are better than most. Without the military I wouldn't have the insurance I need.

Well, I just wanted to say that I am sorry that you are going through so much and have went through so much with the military health care... I understand completely. Sometimes I think I just want so badly to not think that are idiots that I convince myself!! You know?!?! Because they are our doctors. If you can't trust your doctor who can you trust??? And what I meant by going up your chain was that; My doctor was an @ss, so I went to his boss, he was an @ss, So I went outside the dept until I got a phone call from the Med Group commander at home. She did fix the problem then but now she is retired and it starts again. I wasn't trying to insinuate that you hadn't done all you could just that maybe you might have felt you were whining (that's how the docs act, huh??!?!) and were worried about the other docs... I hope that things get better for you, really.

Oh, and something I forgot, the medical COMMAND had been pushing for a Medical discharge since the beginning of this thing. It was actually MY command that made me switch doctors so that they could do the medical board because my original doctor point blank REFUSED to have me sent to a medical board. And, knowing my conditions and my extreme pain levels the medical command ORDERED me to the hospital where I had to wait in the ER for 5-7 hours and get things done before the finally gave me pain killers - something that would have been totally avoided had they just read my frigging record and given me something for the pain. Idiots.<br />
BTW if any one in the general Philadelphia area has IC or bladder issues go see Dr Kristine Whitmore. Her and her Nurse pract. are amazing.

Loads have happened since I made that last post...On April 30th I was officially medically retired (termporarily) and my husband and I are both out of the military. So far not much has changed, I'm still getting d!cked around, for example I've been waiting a MONTH for TriCare South to register me so I can see a frigging doctor. Believe me the whole thing was a mess I spent 3+ months on pins and needles trying to figure out what was going to happen to my Life. Right now I have NO job, NO medical (which will change when they FINALLY enroll me) and no clue what I am supposed to do next. and the military gives me a whopping 800 bucks a month for my "disability" great to know that this country, the "greatest country on earth" takes such good care of its disabled vets. I'm sorry that no one cares to fix the medical system in America and I'm sorry that any of us have to sit here and talk about the way we get screwed around. Its sad and pathetic and (quite fittingly) it makes me sick. Good luck to all struggling w/any health issues!

I'm sorry you're going through all this.
I agree with you, our health care system is awful!

I have went through the same type of problem... Not with endo but other health problems. I used to think that it was just our clinic but a friend of mine did go through the endo thing. But she had to wait until she got out to get it fixed. I swear if I hear that pain is all relative and that people respond different or that something is in my head I will snap!!! But as far as medical you need to take it up your chain, all the way. If you weren't military what would you do? Go to another doctor? That would get expensive! You would go to thier boss. So go to these docs' boss. I took it to the med group cc. Part of the problem was fixed. Working on the rest. They seem to forget that you are thier business, that we are thier business. If we don't fix it who will? I hope that things get better for you. And I am not trying to advocate for the clinic or doctors. If they won't fix it or your squadron wont take it to the Inspector General.

Totally would not stay if I had a choice in the matter. I made the mistake of signing on for 6 years, if I had signed on for 4 I'd be out next year. What you say about the Army doesnt surprise me @ all, right now they need people so badly that they have made exceptions to be able to allow people w/out a high school diploma into the Army. I actually didnt join the military for the money (I had a full ride scholarship to Indiana University), I joined because after 9/11 I actually gave a damn and though it might be time to give something back. My dad was in the military and things worked out great for him. Thanks for the support, its nice to have a place where I can speak the truth and someone will listen and maybe even understand!

I'm not one bit surprised to read this story. Our government is SHADY as ****! They don't really give a crap about our soldiers...they're just using our young men and women...all that conditioning goes beyond just the physical aspect. Soldiers are trained to further the greedy intentions of our ****** politicians. My cousin joined the army straight out of high school. I don't even think she made it through basic before she quite. But, she told me a VERY interesting story: Everyone in the army has to have a physical and a drug test, right? Well, she told me that, before her whole squad went to have their drug tests together, army officials made them all drink Vales, which is a urine-masking drink that we USED to be able to buy from GNC for $40 bucks (if we asked the person at the counter for it, because they didn't keep it out on the shelves with everything else.) So!!! Our very own government pushed through potential drug helping them to pass their drug tests!!! When she told me that story, it was just further validation that our government is capable of more stuff than we could ever dream up. <br />
I'm so sorry this is happening to you!! Even if the armed forces doesn't recognize you're a human being, I do!! You know, you don't have to be in the armed forces to get a free education or to "make something of yourself." There's lots of grant money available out there for least there is currently. They're probably gonna take all that away from us too. But, you don't have to stay if you don't want to! Wouldn't you quit a regular job if your employer was treating you this way?? Endangering your very life??<br />
I wish you the best of everything! Keep us informed of your status!!<br />
**sending love**