You Wanna Kmnow Pain?

You want to know pain? Try being me, when its that time of the month. I have endometriosis, I also have PCOS, and PPMD. All of which, make my time of the month, nothing but pure HELL! The hormones, the PAIN, the Emotions, are all intense, and so hard to control. All my life I have had to deal with it. My grno has now, finally started thinking that surgery may help me, during my period. Its some of the worst pains in the world. I rather go get five teeth pulled, with no pain moderator, no Novocain, or anthesia, or anything like that! the pain is terrible, i usually end up in bed for days trying to cope with it, and my emotions are all over the place, and its so hard on the people around me, even more hard on myself. the pain is beyond imanagable, and its very hard to live with. Talk about pain, its there. Don't even bother telling me to take some pain meds for it, because they really are useless, Nothing works for the pain, but sleep, and only if I take my sleeping pills. I hate when that time of the month comes around, I know when it does, and As of tonight, I know for the next few days, Im going to be in nothing but pain and tears, and be emotional....oy vey....... =/

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

My GYNO is treating me for endo, but I have not had the test yet. I have been on Seasonale (birth control) for 4 years, and it has really helped me. If you don't already know, Seasonale allows you to get your period every 3 months instead of every month. My GYNO doesn't let me take the sugar pills at the end of the three months; therefore, I do not get my period. It has def helped me. I've tried all kinds of pain meds, but with this treatment, I do not need pain meds. Maybe you could talk to your doc about it. Good luck. I still remember, and occasionally experience, the HORRIBLE cramps, but not nearly as often as I used to.

aww i think i can feel ur pain :(<br />
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im actually in the midst of being tested for endometriosis. my gyno is sure i have it. it just has to be comfirmed with the tests.