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A couple days ago I was on my period and a hunk of skin came out.. obviously this freaked me out insanely and I called my mother and we then went to the hospital. The doctors said what came out of me looked like a miscarriage but there was no way I could be pregant so I insisted they look more into it. So I waited hours for them to come back. They then proceeded to give me a sonogram and pelvic exam which then they diagnosed me with endometriosis.. I had never heard of it before so I left the hospital worried and curious. After looking it up online I realized I've had all the syptoms for years. I am only 17 but have been feeling the pain since I was 14... I really dont know anything about the disease but am completely scared out of my mind. Because not only do i g=have endometriosis i may have hpv.. anyone wanting to talk to me please do. Im so scared and have nobody to talk to.

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I just foun out today that I have endo and know how freaked out you are at first. I am twenty years old and should have prepared myself for it since most of the women in my family have it. <br />
I hope that you find a way to control the pain and that you can have as many children as you like. <br />
Love and Blessings from a friend.

I have endometriosis and reading your story was unbelievable because I too lost a huge 'miscarriage' like ball of skin and blood when I was 13. I was scared to death, although I knew I could not be pregnant. I didnt have anyone to speak to about it, so I did nothing and it didnt happen again so I forgot about it for ages. <br />
I have always had alot of pelvic pain and always been told that I had pelvic inflammatory disease, or an infection. I always felt something was wrong. <br />
When I was 29, I was at home with my son, baking buns when I suddenly had the most intense pain and collapsed on the floor. My poor little son, at 5 years old ran to the local pub to fetch my partner who was working behind the bar, to come and help me. I got whisked off to hospital and given an injection for the pain. They released mr with anti biotics the following morning, but didnt really investigate further at that time.<br />
Several years later, and several fainting episodes later, I had a laparoscopy ( keyhole camera investigation) which showed adhesions and scarring causing endometriosis.<br />
I regularly take codeine and paracetamol for the pain but have so far refused any surgery because it understand that it can cause more scar tissue.<br />
Dont be afraid. Research the internet for sound medical advice and keep it in context. I have two children and although I suffer quite intense bouts of pain, it is controlled by medication and I am able to live a normal, happy life! <br />
I read a fantastic article that suggested that dairy produce encourages the advancement of endometriosis, although my doctor wouldnt accept this as it's not a medical fact.<br />
It might be worth a try to cut down on it though, as it seems to help me. Best wishes, stay positive and above all stay hopeful :)

Hey, I don't have this condition myself but I know several who do. My grandmother had it at a time when very little research had been done so they thought the only solution was to remove all of her reproductive organs. But things have changed greatly since then!<br />
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My cousin, has it, she's only twenty so she's a little closer to your age and she was diagnosed at the age of 13. She told me often of the pain she had to experience, but with research she found a doctor who helped her find the right medication that took care of the pain that occurred around the time of her cycle.<br />
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And finally a co-worker of mine was diagnosed at 15, and she was told she would never have children, but they were wrong because she has two children now. :)<br />
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It's a difficult road, as there are many in life, but you aren't alone and though it won't be easy, it will make you stronger.

As a guy, I don't have any chance of knowing exactly what you are going through, but I do know what it is like to have a benign condition that was unbelievably painful and, in my case, would have killed me anyway. It is scary and lonely. I understand those feelings pretty well. I am telling you, you can get beyond them.<br />
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Chances are that more than one woman you know has it. I did a little research and found that there are an estimated 70 million cases worldwide. If there is a discrete way for you or your mom to get the word out, you will likely have someone to speak with directly. Of course, the risk is that everyone finds out. You are at an age where everyone tends to be in everyone else's business.<br />
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Apparently, there is a group on this site of women who have endometriosis, so, even if you can't find someone right there, you have others to talk with here.<br />
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I hope that you reach a point where living with the disease is only a minor stress that you don't think about much and that you get there soon.